A New Chapter: PMI Turns into Growe and Sets Big Plans for Growth

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The iGaming industry player has embarked on a rebranding journey as part of its long-term growth strategy, introducing its new identity – Growe.

PMI – a services provider, which delivers technical, marketing and communications expertise to entertainment operators in the international markets of Africa, Asia and Latin America, has announced a key transformation related to a new identity brand and strategic direction.

“Over the past few years, we have been operating under the PMI brand and expanded our investments in the iGaming sector, launching several successful brands. However, our aspirations have outgrown the limitations of the PMI brand. Under the name Growe, we are becoming more adaptable and positioned for expansion, increasing our global presence and pursuing new initiatives.” Anton Rublievskyi, CEO, shared development plans and announced changes.

“We aim to be the brand players can trust, and therefore, our strategy integrates effective marketing with active engagement in sports and collaboration with influential personalities,” added Anton Rublievskyi.

As a managing entity, Growe has already garnered significant success, overseeing a diverse portfolio of iGaming brands and assets. Focused on innovation, we actively develop and implement cutting-edge entertainment technology platforms and payment solutions. Our cooperation with business partners, influencers and ambassadors, sports underscore our commitment to players.

Operating under the Growe name, we  continue our international presence, born in Ukraine, with major offices in Kyiv and Warsaw. Growe’s operations are actively expanding in Tanzania, Ghana, Chile, and Brazil. Notable brands within Growe include Jugabet, a partner franchise of Parimatch and more.



“Over the course of 4 years, we have seen significant growth – expanding from 30 to 800 specialists and diversifying our network of partners and brands. The new brand, Growe, chosen by the team, reflects our new aspirations.” shared Anastasia Belousova, Chief People Officer.

“So, Growe is the result of collaborative effort and the collective choices of our employees. This is where our distinctiveness lies – our team forms the cornerstone of our success, driven by boldness and a shared vision,”

With each passing day, Growe strengthens its global foothold, attracting experts from various countries, positioning itself as an iGaming industry leader. Staying true to our commitment to innovation, we are  poised to launch new brands and further expand our geographical reach.

Additional information about Growe can be found on the website.

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