AETOS Introduces New Social Copy Trading System


AETOS Capital Group (“AETOS”), the award-winning FX & CFD online trading broker, on 1 November 2021, announced the exciting launch of social copy trading solution as a further enhancement to its online trading service. The innovative social copy trading system has been fully integrated into the entire suite of AETOS trading platform and customer management portal. Both new and existing AETOS clients now are able to take advantage of the copy trading system to empower the investment capability.

Trending among the retail trading market, social copy trading continues to grow in popularity among investors. With AETOS social copy trading platform, expert traders with great trading experience and successful achievements can be verified as the Signal Provider to share trading strategies for other investors to follow and replicate. Due to its inherent ability to share trading ideas and market information, social copy trading is widely accepted as an efficient and effective way to learn and master investment skills. Under AETOS social copy trading system, investors are connected with expert peers, whose past trading performance/ROI, portfolio components, trading experience are fully transparent and presented visually and clearly. By utilizing AETOS social copy trading system, followers can make their consideration and selection confidently by referring to a signal provider’s profile page. Consistent with other premium services exclusive to AETOS customers, AETOS offers the proprietary copy trading service complimentarily without extra cost, instead a featured profit-sharing scheme between followers and signal providers. This drives a win-win relationship among system users, and incentivizes signal providers to perform to the best of their ability.

Commenting on the new release of social copy trading service, AETOS Capital Group Chairman said “As a trading service provider, we’ve seen a lot of such customers coming to us as a complete novice, but eager to diversify their investment portfolio as markets move. Those customers are easily overwhelmed by continuous bombardment of market news, and as a result struggle to build up practical and profitable trading strategies. There are lot of elements to learn and consider as that’s how investment works.  We think the social copy trading is a good way for investors not only to learn profitable trading strategies but also master risk management by following the lead of professional investors. We are very glad to offer the social copy trading service as we believe it’s a great alternative way to help a beginner trader to eventually grow to be an investment guru.”

As a leading brand in online trading industry, AETOS has been renowned for its premium service quality and the Fintech powered platform.  If you are still looking for a world access with an enhanced trading execution and competitive service cost, AETOS aligns with your goal perfectly. Now head to create a free account with AETOS by visiting the official website

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