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PUBG MOBILE is excited to announce that Alter Ego Ares took home the Chicken Dinner this weekend in the first PUBG MOBILE Super League Southeast Asia Finals, securing them the first place prize of $50,000 and a qualifying spot in the PUBG MOBILE World Invitational (PMWI), alongside ShineLikeDiamond who took second place. Competing against 16 of the best teams in the region for a share of the $250,000 prize pool, Alter Ego Ares had a consistent run that included 161 points and 91 kills in 18 matches. While they were closely followed throughout by ShineLikeDiamond and Yoodo Alliance, the Indonesian team was able to hold out and clutch the victory.

Team Alter Ego were led by the ultimate MVP of the Tournament Rosemary, who had 139 Elims and 53 assists across the weekend. Alongside MVP, Rosemary also was awarded Gunslinger, as he had the highest average number of kills, damage and headshots in each game.

The tournament saw drama until the very end, with second-place ShineLikeDiamond and third-place Yoodo Alliance finishing with the same number of points (158). In the end, it was their Rank Points which proved to be the tiebreaker, in a crushing end that pushed Yoodo Alliance out of PMWI qualification.

In addition to being the first major PUBG MOBILE Super League event since its launch, this event is also the first major tournament since the unveiling of the PUBG MOBILE Partnership Program. This program will continue to grow esports in each region, providing greater exposure and opportunities for players and fans alike.

On their victory, Alter Ego Team Coach Deni “Defiand” Fianda said, “It’s beyond everything. It’s a feeling that…I can’t even describe. I want to thank everyone in my team for all their dedication and support. Because of that, we’re finally able to achieve this. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us during this competition, we will enjoy this moment with you guys later. We hope you guys keep supporting us, so we can be even better for the PMWI.”

The PUBG MOBILE Super League Southeast Asia Finals saw peak online viewership of 441,487 and average viewership of 136,087, almost 200,000 more peak viewers than last year’s PMPL SEA Fall Championship. More information can be found here.

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