Anomura partners with Atari, integrating in-game assets from Atari’s IP catalog

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Anomura, a gaming experience fusing wildlife conservation awareness through compelling gameplay, partners with Atari, a founding member of the arcade game, game console, and personal computer industries. This is a mutual opportunity to showcase the capabilities of both the gaming industries and blockchain technology. Through this partnership, Atari creates an exclusive mint experience for Anomura integrating assets from games like Asteroids®, Adventure™, PONG®, Centepede®, Atari Arcade, Atari 2600, and more while also exploring future in-game integration of elements and games to explore interoperability within Anomura and beyond.

Atari evokes nostalgia as one of the first at-home gaming systems created in 1977. The Atari 2600 became one of the most popular gaming systems in history, with sales of over 30 million over the span of three decades.  In recent years, Atari has entered the blockchain gaming space by launching Atari X, a robust blockchain ecosystem that intertwines gaming, community, and utility. Atari X consolidates Atari’s blockchain interests into a unified operation that is wholly controlled by Atari.

Anomura leverages its retro style to help facilitate Atari’s push into the forward-looking world of Web3 gaming. In celebration, Anomura will be increasing its NFT supply by 800 to provide additional opportunities for minting. The scheduled launch date for this collection sale is September 13, 2022, with a mint price of 0.075 ETH.

Created and built by NFT Game Director Long Do, Anomura is the by-product of years of research that combines experiences Do has encountered as both a developer and longtime gamer himself. Anomura sits under the wing of Virtually Human Studios (VHS), creators of ZED RUNVHS continues diving into supporting projects promoting accessibility and inclusivity in the Web3 space. The entertainment brand’s recent launch of Human Park—a metaverse experience with extremely low entry barriers—was its first venture into bridging the gap between the masses and Web3, and the backing of Anomura continues the trend.

“Anomura is proud to be the bridge between the original gaming console and blockchain gaming,“ says Long Do, Game Director of Anomura. “ By partnering with a gaming giant like Atari, we hope to build a completely new gaming adventure. We hope to leverage Anomura’s unique style with Atari’s technology to create the most immersive in-game experience that pushes forward the gaming industry.”

“Fans of Atari will love to see their favorite classic games integrated into Anomura’s Web3 games,” says Tyler Drewitz, Director of Atari Xof Atari X. “We are excited to collaborate with Anomura as they create the next generation of blockchain gaming.”

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