Aqua Farm, a new wind blower in the P2E game successfully ended 2nd CBT


Aqua Farm, a Full 3D P2E game project, announced that the 2nd CBT (Closed Beta Test) held for two weeks (Aug 29 – Sep 9) ended successfully. Aqua Farm is a gaming project published by The Mars Corp., a fast-evolving metaverse platform development and publishing company in the blockchain industry.

The Company’s core developers are veteran game developers with over 10 years of experience in developing open-world MMORPG games.

Aqua Farm is a lovely ocean adventure RPG based on blockchain technology with a Play-to-Earn (P2E) structure and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) assets. Before the launch, the game received a lot of attention and expectation, especially from the Asia Pacific communities due to its adorable graphics and its fascinating narrative. The universe of Aqua Farm shows that players take a journey together with Aree, the ocean fairy, by boarding the Guardian to take back the PODO (Power of Deep Ocean), the source of peace that was stolen by the invaders who threatened the peace of Aqua World. The excitement of the community was demonstrated during the pre-sale of Aree NFT, as more than 6,000 NFTs were sold already before the game launch.

Aqua Farm adopts the turn-based idle battle system that is similar to Pokémon, a popular Japanese anime-based game that’s been loved for decades, and Axie Infinity, a pioneer of P2E games that reached $215 million in sales volume in 2021. Distinguishably, Aqua Farm players can adopt various strategies through the NFT deck placement possessed by the card game, and it also provides a variety of social play for users who are not interested in battle gameplay.

Although the 2nd CBT was held with a specific set of users, over 1,500 users and influencers participated and enjoyed the game. Compared to the 1st CBT in July, the improved battle system was adjusted, as well as ‘Aqua Union’, a scholarship function that can be used in battle through renting Aree NFT, and staking earned tokens at Farm. The potential success of the game was proved throughout the test period with a 78% retention rate, 4.0 out of 5.0 satisfaction rate, and positive feedback from the players.

Regarding the upcoming schedule, Aqua Farm is planning to run several more tests to adjust the game balancing with collected data and feedback before the Open Beta Test (OBT). In this phase, PvP mode will be available as well, one of the biggest interests of global users. Additional NFT package sales are also waiting for future players through multiple collaborations with renowned NFT marketplaces.

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