Arslan Ash and Anakin to compete in new Tekken 7 LAN event, Red Bull Golden Letters

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Red Bull has announced Red Bull Golden Letters, a spectacular two-day Tekken 7 event that will see grassroots UK players compete for a chance to battle the very best in the world, which will be hosted at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London on  Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March.

The epic new event will feature Red Bull’s Tekken superstars Arslan Ash and Hoa ‘Anakin’ Luu, widely recognised as two of the best fighting game players in the world, as they take on UK players, as well as star in an epic 5-on-5 Europe vs The World exhibition match.

In typical Red Bull fashion, Red Bull Golden Letters features a unique format that places an emphasis on producing perfect plays and showing poise under pressure to earn ‘Perfect’ and ‘Great’ scores – Tekken’s iconic ‘Golden Letters’. Players who manage to achieve three ‘Perfect’ or ‘Great’ scores automatically win the entire set in the epic ‘First to Three’ clashes. Incentivising high risk for high reward plays, Golden Letters switches up the traditional Tekken gameplay for unforgettable matches and moments.

Red Bull Golden Letters is open to all UK and EU Tekken 7 players or fighting game fanatics, with sign-ups now open. The event will let amateurs and pros alike fight it out at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere to showcase their skill under pressure in the unique format and be crowned Red Bull Golden Letters Champion and live on stream on

Two of the world’s best Tekken stars, Arslan Ash and Hoa ‘Anakin’ Luu, will be joined by several other renowned pros who will enter into the latter rounds of the competition to give UK grassroots players and aspiring professionals a once-in-a-lifetime chance to test their mettle. The event will also feature ‘Beat the Pro’ challenges throughout the weekend to take on all contenders, live on stream.

The event promises to end in a flourish, with a five-on-five Europe Vs The World clash. The Exhibition match will feature Red Bull Players Anakin and Arslan Ash, as well as several other Tekken stars to be revealed at a later date, offering an unforgettable spectacle for the fighting game community.

Red Bull Golden Letters will be broadcast from the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London and live on

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