Aruze Gaming Debuts Award-Winning Go Go Claw in Europe with Two Major Installments

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Aruze Gaming Europe (Aruze), a leading developer of gambling entertainment solutions for the global casino market, today announced the arrival of its 2022 GGA Product Innovation of the Year Activ-Play™ slot Go Go Claw in Europe with two major installments in France. The game is now on display for sale in Europe for the first time at the 2023 ICE trade show.

The French installments mark the first placements of Go Go Claw coordinated by the company’s recently established European office with key assistance from French distributor SFM CAT. Go Go Claw is now available for play at Partouche Casino Aux-En-Provence and Barriere Casino Enghien les Bains.

A Milestone in Innovative Gaming for Europe

“This installment is a huge milestone for us, and for gaming in Europe overall. Across Europe, so much of the European casino experience is based on legacy games and companies — it’s exciting to introduce something completely new,” said David Meacher, European business development director at Aruze Gaming. “We’re grateful to both of the casinos who are willing to take the plunge into something never seen before in Europe. Go Go Claw is an amazing title, designed for a new generation of player — we’re certain it will be a hit.”

To operate the slot, players select a bet amount, maneuver a physical claw, and attempt to grab one of the many balls and bring it to the bin, where the captured ball’s value-varied prize is revealed. This lively and innovative take on a traditional slot machine captures the attention of all who encounter it. Go Go Claw has two theme variations, Go Go Claw: Gold Bars and Go Go Claw: Cash Grab, and can be customized to suit the casino it is housed in.

Activ-Play™ Technology Blends Casinos and Arcades

Go Go Claw is a part of Aruze’s Activ-Play™ line, a series of games that blend casino technology with the nostalgic, fun and interactive nature of an arcade. Each game operates on the same RNG algorithm as a slot machine, but players get to participate in their betting experience instead of pushing a button and watching their bet spin on a series of wheels. Along with Go Go Claw, Aruze offers several ETGs through its Activ-Play™ portfolio, as well as Rock, Paper, Scissors Instant Win.

These installations come just weeks after the announcement of Aruze’s first European office. The expansion of Aruze’s offices to Europe furthers the company’s mission to be a global provider of casino solutions. Aruze will be displaying Go Go Claw along with several other titles at ICE 2023, located at booth S9- 330.

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