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“We say NO to Sexual Harassment”: With this slogan, Betcris, a leader in the sports betting sector, announces the launch of an internal campaign against sexual harassment. The company is committed to preventing, discouraging, and sanctioning sexual harassment behaviors, and strives to create a work culture where everyone feels safe and respected.

According to Wendy Bermúdez, Corporate Director of Human Talent at Betcris, “At Betcris, we believe that cultural change is everyone’s responsibility. That is why we are committed to preventing, discouraging, and sanctioning sexual harassment behaviors in our organization. We want to create a safe, respectful, and harassment-free work environment where everyone can develop professionally. The ‘We say NO to Sexual Harassment’ campaign is a sign of our commitment, and we hope that all our employees will join it.”

The campaign is aimed at everyone at Betcris and seeks to raise awareness of the negative impact of sexual harassment in the workplace. The company understands that sexual harassment is a lascivious, unwanted, and improper behavior that humiliates, offends, intimidates, and undermines the health, integrity, dignity, professional opportunities, and human rights of everyone.

To facilitate the reporting of cases of sexual harassment, Betcris has enabled the email [email protected]. The company encourages any employee with questions or complaints on the subject to contact the Human Talent team.

In addition, Betcris has created a Sticker that can be used as an Icon in Teams profiles to support the campaign. The company has also emphasized that both men and women are subject to sexual harassment, and that no person, in any circumstance, provokes sexual harassment or is guilty of receiving it.

Betcris reiterates its commitment to creating a safe, respectful, and harassment-free work culture and encourages all its employees to join the campaign and say “NO to Sexual Harassment.”

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