CalAmp’s LoJack Italia Unveils iOn™ Tag and iOn Vision to Improve Safety and Efficiency of Goods and Drivers During Transport Across Europe


CalAmp (Nasdaq: CAMP), a global technology solutions pioneer transforming the mobile connected economy, today announced its subsidiary, LoJack® Italia, a leader in stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and innovative telematics services, unveiled iOn™ Tag and iOn™ Vision for commercial fleet and supply chain operators to provide for the timely and safe delivery of vital goods and assets across Europe, while improving driver safety and transportation efficiency.

These new smart solutions, supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics, were announced for the Italian market by Massimo Braga, deputy general manager of LoJack Italia, at a roundtable titled, Road Transportation in Trouble: A Sector That Gives Without Receiving, during #FORUMAutoMotive held in Milan.

iOn Tag Delivers Continuous Shipment Visibility
iOn Tag is a sensor that looks like a small label and is capable of tracking and protecting vital goods and assets. The sensor communicates with a telematics device onboard the vehicle using Bluetooth. When an iOn Tag is placed on a package transported in a commercial vehicle, it signals the presence or absence of the goods in real-time, while the device signals the exact position of the vehicle in real-time.

iOn Tags can be placed on any asset to:

  • Determine exact location of the asset in real-time
  • Report the asset’s pick up or drop off from a vehicle managed by the logistics operator
  • Limit theft and fraud by immediately reporting route anomalies
  • Enable driver identification and authorization for asset pick-up and delivery
  • Monitor high-value assets such as perishable food, pharmaceuticals or equipment onboard a fire truck, ambulance or service vehicle
  • Enable timely and safe student transport via school buses by monitoring student pick up and drop off

iOn Vision Improves Driver Safety and Transportation Efficiency
iOn Vision is a fully integrated video telematics solution that provides fleet operators and service providers with actionable and deterministic video insights that mitigate liabilities and improve fleet safety.

The solution features self-installed, road-facing and driver-facing cameras along with a CalAmp WiFi-enabled telematics edge device and video server. This system detects visual triggers and audibly alerts the driver to stop signs, speeding and other road safety issues. Inertial triggers indicate and store hard braking, harsh cornering or rapid acceleration, providing fleet operators with an accurate assessment of driver behavior to improve driving habits, efficiency and fleet safety under ever-changing road conditions.

Through tight integration with CalAmp’s CrashBoxx® service, iOn Vision captures direct video evidence of collisions for detailed crash reports and accident reconstructions facilitating investigations to minimize liability. Cameras can also be installed in truck trailers to measure available space, thereby  maximizing transport loads.

“For more than a decade, LoJack and CalAmp have been working to redefine telematics solutions and drive greater value for our customers and partners,” said Massimo Braga, deputy general manager of LoJack Italia. “iOn Vision and iOn Tag resulted from this commitment and represent the finest telematics solutions we’ve produced to help fleet and supply chain operators protect drivers and others on the road, as well as the vital assets and goods they transport every day across Italy and throughout Europe.”

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