Cloudbet Adds Lamborghini, Rolex, and Maldives Villa to All New Loyalty Program Marketplace

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Cloudbet, the world’s longest-running online crypto sportsbook and casino, today announced it has added brand new rewards to its exclusive loyalty Marketplace. Top of the list are a 2023 Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica, a Rolex Daytona Rainbow watch valued at over half a million USD, and a trip to one of the most exclusive resorts in the Maldives.

While many sportsbook and casino loyalty programs only offer specific rewards to members, Cloudbet’s unique approach has been to give users the power to choose their own rewards. Instead of deposit bonuses and regimented systems of free bets, Cloudbet awards its players Lightning Points for each real money bet they place. Players can then spend those Lightning Points in the Cloudbet Marketplace, where they can select physical goods (like the Lamborghini and Rolex) or more traditional betting products (like bonuses and free bets or spins).

In another innovation on the old system, Cloudbet’s Marketplace actually allows players to customize their bonuses and free bets. Using a slider system, in many cases players can adjust both the amount of the bonus or bet credit they would like to buy and the rollover or wagering requirement. If a player wants a lot of free upfront betting credit with a higher wagering requirement, that’s great. If they prefer less credit and as low as a 1x wagering requirement, they can have that too.

Long-running relationships with many of its customers have been an integral part of Cloudbet’s longevity. As part of this customer-centric approach, Cloudbet has devised these new systems to reward its players — they call themselves “Cloudbettors” — who are earning record amounts of Lightning Points this year due to two new promotions at the company. The first is a temporary World Cup promotion where players earn double Lightning Points on every real money World Cup bet they place. The second is a permanent Referral Program that gives Cloudbettors the rights to lifetime Lightning Point commissions on all future bets placed by friends who sign up through their referral links.

With so many Lightning Points going around, Cloudbet’s all new Marketplace has arrived just in time. Now, they are just waiting to see who gets to that Lambo first.

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