EcoBall — the next-generation public blockchain is Here


EcoBall is inviting Investors to join and experience the revolution in the blockchain space. This month, the token sale will happen on the first decentralized exchange of Eco ball, Exabc exchange.

Blockchain technology has been bringing innovation and disruption to the global financial markets since the cryptocurrency bubble of 2017. The speed of existing blockchain networks is a prevalent issue, which restricts blockchain technology in many applications.

But there’s a new chain on the way to solve all of these problems: meet EcoBall. The EcoBall blockchain is a next-generation blockchain that solves the scalability trilemma. It has minimal processing costs and focuses on giving users as many engagement options as possible. We introduce the EcoBall Chain with great joy, a public chain that aspires to deliver user delight by utilizing blockchain mechanics.

Security is far above that commonly found in the market, as it uses a Proof of Participation of Vote (VPOS) algorithm implemented as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This algorithm is used to prevent various types of attacks efficiently and safely.

EcoBall may manage several networks, each responsible for its layer of specialized enterprises.

It is a unique verticalized blockchain technology that attempts to increase transaction security by eliminating the need for true bifurcation of chains in the event of a defective data block, as the block is promptly corrected once identified.

Furthermore, the platform is Ethereum-compatible, enables Solidity for smart contract development, and can easily move EVM-compliant DEFI apps to the EcoBall public chain. EcoBall already has a bridge that connects it to BSC and ETH apps, and it will soon be able to connect to other chains.

To get a sense of the benefits that EcoBall offers, we compared its features to those of the most successful blockchains on the market. EcoBall already has various partners supporting the initiative and constituting the EcoBall Chain ecosystem, allowing long-term growth.

And to enable sustainable growth, EcoBall already has several partners that support the project and form the EcoBall Chain ecosystem. This month, the token sale will happen on the first decentralized exchange of EcoBall, Exabc exchange.

To celebrate the Community with over 120,000 followers and supporters, EcoBall is doing an airdrop of one million ECO tokens (this amount is equivalent to over USD 100K). To participate is very simple, you need to enter the airdrop link: /EcoBall-1000000-eco-airdrop.

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