Fintech Leader Ibanera Launches Payment Gateway Tailored for E-Gaming Industry

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Ibanera, a global fintech bank, introduces its cutting-edge payment gateway, crafted to elevate the payment experience for companies in the booming E-Gaming industry. This innovative solution combines speed, security, compliance and versatility to meet the unique needs of E-Gaming businesses.The E-gaming industry, worth now over $400 billion in 2023 is evolving. With companies and game publishers competing for market share and daily average gamers, fintech companies and payment providing solutions are also finding new ways to address the industry needs.

“The E-gaming industry is evolving to address the needs of their gamers, and stakeholders faster than what fintech companies could keep up with. Our goal is to get ahead by servicing the needs of these companies to help them scale their business and finance efforts. Secure, compliant, quick, and efficient. That is our mission.” says CEO Michael Carbonara.

PCI Compliance & High Speeds:

Ibanera’s Payment Gateway ensures top-tier security with PCI compliance and lightning-fast speeds, processing up to 76,000 transactions per second for swift, secure transactions in E-Gaming.

Efficiency with Golang:

Engineered with Golang, our Payment Gateway maximizes efficiency and reliability, meeting the high-speed demands of the E-Gaming environment.

Scalable Performance:

Designed for growth, Ibanera’s Payment Gateway maintains peak performance as E-Gaming companies expand, providing a scalable and future-proof solution.

Secure Transactions with Tokenization:

Fortified with a robust tokenization engine, our Payment Gateway ensures secure transactions and protects sensitive data, vital in the data-sensitive landscape of E-Gaming.

Mobile & Digital Wallet Integration:

Formatted for seamless mobile use and integrated with Applepay and Googlepay, the gateway meets the preferences of the tech-savvy E-Gaming audience, offering a modern payment experience.

Versatile Functionality:

Ibanera’s Payment Gateway is a versatile solution with API-driven capabilities, a virtual terminal, and invoicing features, empowering E-Gaming companies to navigate their payment landscape.

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