GFT among Europe’s leaders for data analytics and machine learning in the Google Cloud


Artificial intelligence could contribute close to USD 16 trillion to the global economy in 2030. Successfully implementing AI solutions has become key for the continued competitiveness of companies in all industries.

The analyst firm ISG recognises GFT as a ‘Leader’ in Europe for data analytics and machine learning in the Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem, in their first-ever ISG Provider Lens™ report on the subject. Leaders as defined by ISG have a broad, attractive portfolio of products and services, a well-established market presence and strong competitive position.

When employed correctly, artificial intelligence can give companies in all industries a distinct competitive advantage. It boosts their productivity and improves overall reliability. Companies who apply AI to the heart of their business significantly enhance their ability to make decisions faster, smarter and with greater precision. The Google Cloud Platform gives users quick and easy access to the latest AI technologies while avoiding huge hardware investments. However, going it alone is not an ideal option: to gain optimum results out of their Google Cloud AI applications, firms need an experienced partner. Analyst reports like this most recent one from ISG now make it easier to find the right partner organisation with the specialist skills required to create valuable business outcomes.

“Strong visual inspection capabilities make GFT a leader on data analytics and machine learning in the Google Cloud Partner ecosystem,” said Mark Purdy, principal analyst and author of the ISG report.

Head of Google Cloud Engineering at GFT, Scott Holman, commented: “I’m proud that ISG has recognised GFT as a leader in the Google Cloud partner ecosystem. With Google’s technology, we have supported many clients in delivering innovative Data and ML solutions. From auto-identifying manufacturing defects to using visualisation tools to manage liquidity risk for global banks – Google’s technology has been instrumental.”

Supporting this Alpesh Tailor, Executive Director of the Global Cloud Business Unit at GFT added: “We have helped our clients significantly boost both the quality and productivity of their processes using AI solutions on Google Cloud. We have done this in all industries, from financial services to manufacturing, and not just in Europe, but in North and South America as well.”

The ISG report highlights GFT’s strong expertise in computer vision technologies. The company is listed as one of four global service providers for GCP’s Visual Inspection AI, and as the analyst firm put it, “offers a range of advanced visual inspection tools for manufacturing processes,” including:

  • process monitoring
  • use of vision AI to identify product defects
  • in-line quality forecasting
  • analysis of final packaging video streams

Another GFT strength mentioned in the ISG report is the company’s industry traction. The report points out that the company has carried out “data modernisation and analytics projects for blue-chip clients in Europe and beyond.” GFT has successfully implemented Google Cloud AI solutions for clients in various industries and geographies – including a US-based maker of baked goods, the leading US bottle manufacturer and one of the largest American automobile manufacturers.

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