God of War is the Most Popular Video Game on TikTok!

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Top10Casinos.com has examined which video games are the most popular, collating the most views on TiKTok. To discover the overall winners, Top10Casinos.com extracted a list of the 100 most played video games of all time, utilising Metacritic.

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Top 20 most popular video games on TikTok


Video Game Views
God of War 793,500,000
Red Dead Redemption 2 694,900,000
The Last of Us 318,400,000
Grand Theft Auto V 267,700,000
Red Dead Redemption 178,300,000
Celeste 141,600,000
Halo 3 113,300,000
Half-Life 110,200,000
Gears of War 96,300,000
BioShock 86,000,000
Portal 2 59,800,000
Half-Life: Alyx 58,900,000
Resident Evil 4 54,700,000
Devil May Cry 50,400,000
Halo 2 42,800,000
Gran Turismo 41,200,000
Metal Gear Solid 40,800,000
Super Mario 64 37,800,000
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 32,000,000
Persona 5 Royal 30,700,000


With a staggering 793.5 million views on TikTok, the most popular video game and crowned the winner is God of War, with its first version released back in 2018.

Following is the game Red Dead Redemption 2 – a Western-themed action-adventure game. #reddeadrempetion2 managed to get the attention of 694.9 million people, securing its second place on the most popular list.

The action-adventure game, The Last of Us, also proved to be very popular on the social media platform, garnering 318.4 million views, to be exact.

Grand Theft Auto V, which has had 145 million units sold worldwide, was the fourth most popular video game with 267.7 million people talking about it on TikTok.

And rounding off in fifth place was Red Dead Redemption with 178.3 million views on TikTok. The video game series seems to be one of the most popular among TikTokers, as both its first and second versions landed in the top 5 list out of the 100 games researched in total.

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