iBooster: Based in Lugano, home of the first Crypto City echosystem in Europe, launch its strategy for the Crypto Industry


March 2022, the city of Lugano announced, through a partnership with Tether, that Tether, Bitcoin and LVGA (a stablecoin in CHF launched by the city) are now legal tender. This means that citizens can pay taxes, parking fines, tickets to public events and more in cryptocurrencies.

In Crypto We Trust, what opportunities and benefits for companies?

The campaign was carried out by iBooster, the reference agency for the development, growth and marketing of Crypto projects, based in Lugano.

In the light of PlanB and this communication initiative, we were very curious to learn more about the real opportunities, and advantages, for companies in the Crypto market, within the new Swiss ecosystem.

The Crypto and Blockchain industry is in its early life years and Lugano Plan B is a project that will allow all companies in the sector to find an ecosystem conducive to future development, populated by professionals in the sector but not only, able to support new companies at 360° from physical headquarters or coworking up to legal advice or marketing. Without forgetting the strength of the network, the potential of 50 or 100 companies in the sector that interact on a daily basis, is huge.

Companies have to build authority and value. Our customers are mostly startups, and what we do is building a growth path with them. Marketing is a fundamental tool for the construction of services and products to sell and to create an authoritative brand that the market trusts. I speak about trust because, especially in the crypto world, there have been too many alleged or real “scams” that have burned many investors. A new project has the burden of positioning itself and working to build a relationship of trust with the market, in a transparent way. In iBooster we are fortunate to be able to choose the projects to work with, and we first, carefully analyze the characteristics of each one, to then understand how we can help them in the growth.

Being in a hurry to get results is understandable, but, we must build a relationship with the target market and in this time has its importance. You can bet on a careful strategy to get visibility quickly, but then you must have a medium to long term plan that brings value to the project. Communicate correctly, use social media not only to promote, but to explain and create culture, involve investors and the public by creating a community that supports the project and that becomes the first marketing channel in effect.

We see too many ideas of value penalized by ineffective execution. The reasons are many, but certainly like any business, proper planning of actions and investments is the basis. An entrepreneur who wants to operate in the world of crypto must rely on professionals who guide and advise him in every aspect, because in this new sector they do not apply the rules of the “old” market, there are new ones and often change. Ignoring or underestimating some aspects can create that “suffering” that we are talking about. iBooster works to avoid problems, prevent them and exploit the opportunities that the market offers.

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