Indira IVF and SafeTree introduce innovative tools for fertility assessment


Infertility impacts staggering 1 in 6 people worldwide which is approximately 17% of the global population as per a report published by the World Health Organization.

The alarming rise of infertility has impacted both men and women. A study in a leading international medical journal noted that the human sperm count has fallen by 50% over the last 50 years. Infertility in men has been linked to various factors, which include smoking, alcohol, stress and poor physical exercise. In case of women, fertility peaks at the age of 25. With late marriages along with career demands, the planning for a baby begins post the age of 25, impacting the quality of egg.

In India, the Gross Fertility Rate has decreased by almost 20% in the last decade and it is estimated that infertility impacts nearly 30 million or 10-15% of couples.

Treatment for infertility is expensive and is a topic that is not openly discussed with friends or family members. With declining fertility rates in both the male and female population coupled with general hesitancy to approach a medical expert, there is a need to introduce technology-based easy self-assessment tools and mechanisms wherein individuals can independently assess their basic fertility and get the right guidance to plan the next steps in their journey towards parenthood.

Indira IVF, India’s leading IVF player and SafeTree, a Gurugram-based InsurTech have introduced various MLbased tools that can instantly provide both male and female fertility scores based on predefined parameters.

Launching these tools, Dr Kshitiz Murdia, CEO and Co-founder of Indira IVF said that as the number of couples approaching fertility experts is extremely low, it was imperative to develop tools that could provide initial fertility assessment to couples. He believes these tools will enhance the awareness about their fertility status and will prompt them to timely plan appropriate actions.

Mr. Vikas Anand, CEO and Co-founder of SafeTree, highlighted that while the general public is aware of routine tests for eyes, heart and other body organs, there is limited awareness of tests/tools for fertility; hence tools are required for fertility self-assessment. Mr. Anand believes that such assessments can be used to further support individuals to conceive either naturally or with medical support.

Mr. Srinivas Madabusi, Chief of International Business and New Initiatives, Indira IVF, added that these fertility tools will provide fertility assessment and necessary guidance to systematically plan the next steps. He stated that Indira IVF is pleased to build a digital platform in collaboration with SafeTree to help couples at every step of the way. He stated that with 100-plus centers across the country, Indira IVF will provide medical guidance, if required, for couples.

Further Mr. Anand mentioned that SafeTree with medical expertise from Indira IVF will develop a comprehensive knowledge and awareness ecosystem with respect to infertility. In due course, Artificial Intelligence-based applications will be introduced to guide and advise couples on their journey towards parenthood, either naturally or through assisted techniques. Anyone can visit to know their fertility scores.

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