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Inside The Pocket (ITP), the world’s only free-to-play and pay-to-play (F2P & P2P) aggregation platform, has launched Pro Football Survivor, an exciting new F2P game that offers industry professionals a jaw-dropping $100k prize ($50k to the winner, and a further $50k to their nominated charity) ahead of the upcoming 2023/24 Pro Football season, which gets underway on 7 September.

Pro Football Survivor is aimed at engaging all businesspeople at the intersection of sports betting and business, media and igaming, alongside a wider ecosystem – from leagues to agencies, across hospitality providers, caterers and even restaurants.

The popular Survivor format simply asks all participants to pick a non-reusable team to win every week throughout the entire Regular Season and the Playoffs. This ease of play is the reason for its recognised acquisition and retention strengths around repeat visits and improved dwell-time (as players routinely return to check results and their respective standings against colleagues and friends on the leaderboard, which is settled and updated after each game day).

The competition rules are as follows:

  • Register at:
  • Each week during the Pro Football season and playoffs, you must pick the winner of a game.
  • You can only choose each team once throughout the entire season, including the playoffs and the Pro Football Championship game in Las Vegas.
  • Only the final results at the end of regulation time will count. If a game you select is tied at the end of regulation, the selection will be deemed to have lost, regardless of overtime.

The game is now open to entries and industry peer-to-peer sharing across an evolving landscape of diverse players and companies which represent a wide spectrum of commercial intersectionality. ITP continues to stand alone in the F2P and P2P content market in that, via a single integration, it opens up an entire market of 20+ free-to-play and pay-to-play content providers to satisfy sports and casino needs around the world, irrespective of the data environment.

Hussain Naqi, Founder and CEO of Inside The Pocket, said: “No matter what Al Pacino said in Any Given Sunday, it’s actually a game of inching along, surviving week-by-week, and outlasting your rivals. So, join us for Pro Football Survivor and stand a chance to win big while also supporting a great charitable cause! It’s a fun way to learn more about America’s favourite sport, or flex your bragging-rights if you know the game well. It takes under a minute each week, and hopefully you’ll be coming back every week to play!”

“We’ve launched Pro Football Survivor to help people understand how we’re different. And it’s a broad church out there whom we want to engage, shining a light on the wide-ranging solutions that our unique platform can provide when it comes to acquisition and retention.

“We’re focused on B2B clients, whether that’s in sports media, the betting and gaming space, the hospitality industry, the restaurant sector or any other party amongst a varied Venn Diagram of interconnectivity. At ITP, we want to house many new potential partners under this same roof, such is our platform’s ability to target specific recreational player-groups and fulfil nuanced acquisition and retention goals.

“At ITP, we don’t view the landscape merely in terms of games. Rather, we think about the space as an entire ecosystem and strategy which we specifically cultivate as a flexible and ever-evolving piece of content for an overlapping and interdependent chain of companies to whom we can now demonstrate the multifaceted solutions of ITP.

“We have content of our own. We have an aggregation layer where we’ll put competitors side-by-side. We offer best-in-class data deals. In short, our unique platform drives new levels in acquisition and retention through its multiplicity of games, bespoke localised strategies and a quick-fire integration which averages just under three weeks in duration. This allows our partners to plan globally but think locally, mitigating regulatory risk from the patchwork quilt of state-by-state regulation in North America to LatAm, Africa and APAC.

“Perhaps our biggest challenge is to make people understand that variety is our touchstone. You can’t just back one horse, lest it become a flogging horse. Instead, companies need to be rolling out a variety of different products. We want our registrants to come to see this Survivor game as a sticky and intuitive free-to-play product that reliably gets people coming back each week. It has that crucial repeat-engagement attribute where everyone can quickly see the value proposition.”

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