The Hunt, the first online consumer marketplace to use a combination of Augmented Reality (AR), Computer Vision (CV), and blockchain technology to allow people to purchase, display, and even symbolically wear their NFTs, is announcing its public launch. The Hunt is kicking off the launch with an LA-based and Malawian-born artist, Rannel Ngumuya, and has curated a limited edition release featuring NFTs and wearable collectibles based on his Bungalo Boy brand.

The Hunt is the first of its kind, creating a unique range of offerings in a single marketplace. While there are platforms that let people import and display their collection of NFTs and other digital assets, The Hunt is innovative in that it has combined digital collectibles with physical, AR-capable products. Additionally, while existing platforms in the space rely on barcodes for physical merchandise, The Hunt’s use of CV allows users to scan images with trained data assets that can detect AR experiences in physical and digital products without the use of barcodes or markers. Through this implementation of machine learning technology, The Hunt is able to elevate the experience for the NFT holder, offering an advanced AR experience that can detect unique markers, creating an emotional connection between the consumer and the product.

The Hunt also includes a mobile application–a seamless extension of the web platform–that lets users import, display, and even wear NFTs in AR anytime and anywhere via their mobile device. The mobile application is available on iOS and Android in January 2022.

To purchase NFTs and physical collectibles from the limited edition releases on The Hunt, users visit the web platform via, then browse the marketplace and select a digital asset (NFT). If the user has a Metamask wallet and wants to pay using Ether (ETH), they then connect their wallet through the browser extension. Once connected and confirmed, the NFT will appear in the library of collectibles in their profile section of the website. However if the user does not have a Metamask account, they are prompted to either create one or checkout via credit card.

Once this process has been completed, users can then utilize The Hunt’s mobile app to access their NFT library, view and display their purchased digital assets in AR, as well as scan accompanying physical products to experience the AR component.

“Augmented Reality and Blockchain technologies are an unstoppable combination that will create a new paradigm of how we experience a hybrid between physical and digital content for the metaverse,” says Natalia Diaz, Co-founder and CEO of The Hunt. “As The Hunt continues to evolve, we imagine a world where you can collect and explore multi-dimensional unique experiences through mobile devices, gaming, and wearables.”

“It’s an inevitability that fashionable and affordable AR glasses will hit the market in coming years,” says Andrew Resnick, a Co-Founder of The Hunt. “Within the fashion and merchandise spaces, The Hunt is positioning itself as the leading destination for all things Augmented Reality.”

“We are beyond excited to collaborate with an emerging artist such as Rannel,” adds Sagen Albert, Co-Founder and COO of The Hunt. “He is profoundly talented and our intention with The Hunt is to showcase a range of artwork and collectibles that deeply embody creativity and genuine storytelling through our purposeful curation and interactivity. The idea driving our affordable price structure is to make The Hunt accessible to both new and seasoned collectors.”

In the coming year, The Hunt will continue creating new augmented experiences and further developing its cutting-edge convergence of physical and digital storytelling through wearables, gaming, mobile, and decentralized apps. The company will also be working to secure partnerships with creative and innovative artists and celebrities, industry-leading brands, and AR display companies. For more information or to purchase one of The Hunt’s Bungalo Collection offerings, please visit

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