Investment app Change’s shares skyrocket – up 782% in the past four months


Change, one of Northern Europe’s top 10 fintech startups, announced a 782% increase in the price of its shares since the company began trading on Funderbeam.

Change, a bright and young investment app, listed a portion of their shares in November 2020. As of today, over 800 people have already invested via Funderbeam’s global equity funding and trading platform.

Proving popular with beginner and millennial investors, Change’s app offers a simple yet effective way of trading cryptocurrencies and other instruments for those within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Since its inception in 2016, the team has continued to go from strength to strength. From previously raising €14.6 million via crowdfunding, to fostering a community of over 7,000 investors. Currently, Change’s 2021 monthly trading volumes total over €100 million. Which, for context, are comparable to 2020’s total annual trading volume.

“The expansive growth we’ve experienced in the past few months demonstrates the power of democratising investing,” says Kristjan Kangro, CEO of Change. “By offering shares on a platform like Funderbeam, we have made it possible for investors around the world who share our mission to be part of the world’s success.”

The all-around advancements have been aided by Change’s commitment to providing industry-leading prices for cryptocurrency trading. And also by a greater public interest in accessible investment opportunities and announcements such as Coinbase filing for a direct listing.

Discover more about Change by visiting Further information on how to invest in the company through Funderbeam can be found here.

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