Lenny Moon Chief Executive Officer of FlyCoin: A New, Cryptocurrency Travel Rewards Program


FlyCoin, the new blockchain-based travel rewards program, is pleased to announce the appointment of Lenny Moon as chief executive officer. Moon will guide the company’s market launch, further its strategic vision, and execute its operational business plan.

FlyCoin, the foundation of a new rewards program- already available to Ravn Alaska customers, will also launch on Northern Pacific Airways: a low-cost, long-haul carrier, uniting U.S. and Eastern Asia ports via Anchorage, Alaska. Under Moon’s leadership, FlyCoin will redefine travel rewards systems by providing revolutionary access to the benefits of the cryptocurrency blockchain network to travelers.

Additionally, Moon will assume the position of CFO of FLOAT Alaska LLC, the parent company of FlyCoin, Northern Pacific Airways, Ravn Alaska, and other owned subsidiaries. “Moon brings over two decades of experience in start-ups, venture capital, investment banking, and fintech,” Tom Hsieh, president of FLOAT Alaska LLC. “He is an astute professional with strategic vision, financial clarity, and extraordinary operational acumen. With such extensive experience and expertise, Moon will accelerate the status quo of travel rewards programs.”

“Consumers deserve a better rewards point system, and the time is now,” explained FlyCoin founder and chairperson, Josh Jones. “Our mission is to empower travelers with a crypto-backed rewards system. Its open protocol and finite supply of tokens takes power from the airlines and puts it right into users’ wallets. Moon is the perfect person to accelerate our progress in this endeavor.

“The traditional world of travel rewards programs is ripe for change. FlyCoin will provide consumers with a rewards program where the benefits are open and less confined,” explains Moon. “A cryptocurrency is the medium to reward our loyal customers for traveler participation, but not force their loyalty by constraining how they choose to redeem those rewards. I am excited to lead FlyCoin as we help provide a more customer-centric approach to travel rewards programs. With this organization, and Josh Jones’ experienced understanding and proven success with cryptocurrency, FlyCoin seeks to empower our customers to become decision-makers.”

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