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Metaplanet is a new specialized platform for blockchain NFT games that were started by experts from the game industry based on the mainnet of Cube System. It specializes in the convenience of users that enables the connection of NFT Game, Wallet, and Marketplace in one place. Making an account will immediately connect all services in one Integrated ID.

Starting March 15, Metaplanet has released an AirDrop Launch Event of their very first game to be included in their NFT gaming platform, which is Crypto Fishing. Anyone who registers on the website during this period will be able to receive instant METAQ coins on their METAQ wallets.

In celebration of the release of their first NFT Game on the platform, METAQ will be giving away airdrop rewards.


How to join?

  1. Click the registration link here via Gleam:
  2. Scroll down to see the 5 different tasks you have to do to enter the event.

Make sure to follow the instructions well and you will be able to earn your 10 METAQ (the equivalent of 10 USDT) which you will receive during the open-beta day of the flagship game Crypto Fishing. Note that this is only limited to 10,000 registers, and we implore and encourage everyone to register now before it’s too late.

Crypto Fishing is the very first NFT Game released by Metaplanet. But there will definitely be more games to come after this one in the coming months.

The Crypto Fishing Game Launch Event also has its Referral Event where users can earn METAQ by referring friends and families to join in through their referral links.

Registered users with referrals can get up to 1% amount of purchased METAQ coins from their referred friends.


Here are the simple steps for this event:

Step 1: Create your own referral link on your account page. Go to www.metaplanet-nft. com and click your account icon on the upper right of the page. Click MyPage and then copy the link icon below your email.

Step 2: Share the referral link with the community or your friends.

The people referred to must purchase coins for you to gain referral points. Note that 1% of each of the amounts they purchased will be the basis of your referral points. Immediately, you will receive the 1% points after anyone from your referral link purchases coins. There is also no purchase limit by your friend to receive the 1%. Lastly, Referral points are available to check on your referral list found on your MyPage so you can instantly check and track things down.

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