Metropolitan Gaming Appoint Director of Food, Beverage & Hospitality

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Mark Hands has been appointed as Director of Food, Beverage & Hospitality at Metropolitan Gaming, following his role as Venue Director at ALEA Glasgow. In the newly created role, Mark will oversee all dining and beverage operations across the eight venues in the UK. His responsibilities will span across managing team members, ensuring quality and consistency of food and service, handling budgeting and financial planning, developing menus, maintaining inventory and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. In addition, he aims to enhance the guest experience through new strategic investments in the food and beverage offerings and increase revenue and efficiency in all areas.

Mark brings his experience from a stellar career in hospitality spanning over 36 years, which ranges from roles within Michelin Restaurants to Group Manager for Hilton Hotels and Managing Director for a nine-hundred-acre resort in South Africa. He hopes his lessons in remaining humble, while steadfast, and to never compromise on standards, integrity or leadership are crucial to ensuring the group remains world class. Mark says: “I’m excited to take on this new role and implement new strategies and restaurant concepts and partnerships to ensure we deliver the very best in hospitality to our guests across all venues. It’s an exciting time for the Group and I’m looking forward to working with the exceptional team, who are committed to showcasing a truly superior Metropolitan Gaming experience”.

As one of London’s largest casino-entertainment companies and one of the UK’s most diversified casino-entertainment providers, Metropolitan Gaming is deeply committed to enhancing the guest experience through strategic investments in food and beverage offerings across all venues. Each casino has its own unique character and clientele; Mark will continue to drive the tailored approach that’s taken to suit local tastes and preferences for a memorable and personalised dining experience. Mark will take on the demands, complexities and challenges of managing a diverse portfolio and is currently working on ‘the best of the best’ in vegetarian and vegan cuisine across all venues.


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