Moomoo and Its Sister Brand Connect 20M Users with the Interactive Investing Community


Fintech-driven investment and wealth management platform, moomoo announces, together with its sister platform, the global digitalized investor community is now amassing over 20 million users, making it one of the most well-established platforms for connecting like-minded investors and unlocking more opportunities powered by technology and collective intelligence.

Moomoo is an all-in-one platform where investors can access investment-related information, ranging from market sentiment derived from 20 million retail investors worldwide with different backgrounds, investment goals, and strategies, to unlimited access to company news, investment research, market views, earnings, and financial estimates.

Tech for Good & Integrity

Moo community aggregates keen investors of diverse backgrounds to exchange investment and trading ideas, news, and opinions, forming a thriving and active community to learn from one another, stay informed about investment trends, and receive updates on promotions and events. As a tech-empowered platform, moomoo is committed to innovating the investment landscape. To maintain data and information integrity, moomoo introduces commenting based on actual transactions features, safeguarding a collective knowledge base is built upon actual behavior and healthy contribution.

Financial Inclusion for All

In addition to fostering an open community for free and easy sharing, the moo community also promotes financial and investment literacy by aggregating financial influencers, educators, and stakeholders. Today, over 1,000 financial educators have joined the community, aspiring more users with knowledge of all levels to achieve their financial goals, and to build up confidence in making informed financial decisions along the investment journey. In the digitalized era, over 900 listed companies, institutions, and key opinion leaders leveraged the platform to secure digital presence through community activities, such as webinars and earnings calls, enabling users to interact with industry experts, and corporate executives in person and in a real-time manner.

The habits of moomoo users evolve with the market. For instance, sharing lessons and learnings from personal past trading experience via moomoo’s star features: P/L (Profit/Loss) and Positions, and Trade Records has been on a rising trend. These two features provide a clear record of past transactions and portfolio performance, giving users insights into the market and a testament to their trading strategies. Mooers can easily share their trade records, positions, and profit and loss to peers in the moo community, thanks to moomoo’s relentless efforts in sharpening its product features.

Moomoo users may want to check each other’s records in the discussions about the hot topics held by the moomoo team, and check their peers portfolio performance in the real time feeds underneath specific stock names.

Meanwhile, the moomoo team regularly hosts online discussions in the moo community, encouraging users to share their thoughts with each other.

“Moomoo is dedicated to empowering investors with tools, knowledge, and access to various investible products in riding market cycles. We believe financial literacy can be inclusive, creative, and flexible in which everyone could reap the benefits of making informed investment decisions,” said moomoo’s Vice President of Strategy, Justin Zacks. “A supportive and informative community propelled by diversified investor bases, tech-driven solutions, actual transactions, and synergistic partnerships across the ecosystem is proved to be valuable to society. We’re excited to see more investors worldwide joining the herd. Your participation and support would make our community thrive and unique.”

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