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Nordcurrent, the award-winning games developer and publisher, is reshaping the future of fashion gaming with the launch of its new UGC platform Pocket Styler Studio – the first platform where users can design entire clothing collections down to the last detail and then sell them in-game.

The online studio allows players to live their fashion-designer dreams, creating garments and entire fashion collections, including shoes and accessories, to their desired specifications. The studio currently has over 310 trillion possible outfit combinations!

Players can promote their completed designs under their own ‘designer label’ and sell them in the Pocket Styler game to millions of players globally, earning in-game currency, which has never been feasible in a mobile fashion game before. In-game earning potential is extremely high, with eight percent of global consumers already buying digital fashion, almost 50% of players buying skins with in-game currency and around 40% buying skins with real money.


How do you create your first design?

Powered by browser-based tools similar to those found in Photoshop, Pocket Styler Studio is an easy-to-use platform, whether you are designing coats and dresses, or sunglasses, gloves or hosiery.

Simply start by choosing a colour palette or partnered ‘fabric’ and then go to work! Choose from thousands of design details, such as the neckline style, sleeve design, skirt length silhouette and fit, and visual details like buttons or visible stitching.

No outfit is complete without bespoke accessories, so why not uniquely customise shoe styles, patterns, colours and heel heights too? Once the garment or accessory is completed, the platform renders it to fit on Pocket Styler avatars perfectly.

Sell sell sell!

The final collections are saved in the designer’s profile until they are ready to be marketed in the Pocket Styler app game. Designers can track their brands’ success by ‘Publishing’ items and assessing how many sell. Players can fully brand their designer label, even create their logo, and earn ‘Gems’, the in-game currency, for every item sold to other players.

Victoria Trofimova, CEO of Nordcurrent, comments: “Pocket Styler Studio gives anyone anywhere in the world a chance to become a fashion designer and build their own virtual fashion brand.

“The only limit to what you can create is your imagination. By designing their garments, players are transformed into designers, shaping the gaming universe – and potentially the real world of fashion.”

Fashion industry insiders say the launch of Pocket Styler Studio will revolutionise fashion forecasting, providing instant real-time data on the best-selling new styles. It will also allow fashion houses and designer labels to spot up-and-coming new creatives. Several big-name fashion brands have already expressed an interest in the new feature and the potential for designers to craft and showcase their items within the game. With 70 percent of users aged over 25 and 85 percent female, Pocket Styler Studio is expected to provide a hothouse of new talent for the global fashion industry.

Launched in May 2021, Pocket Styler is already a global gaming phenomenon, with over 21 million downloads and 100,000 fashion lovers spending 10,000 hours on the app daily.

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