O3 Mining Presents Its First ESG Report


O3 Mining Inc. (TSXV: OIII) (OTCQX: OIIIF) (“O3 Mining” or the “Corporation”) proud to present its first-ever Sustainability Report that sets out the Corporation’s priorities with respect to its environmental, social and governance (“ESG”)  practices.

As O3 Mining advances towards its goal of becoming a gold producer in the Val-d’Or region of Québec, Canada, its holistic sustainability approach in generating value for all stakeholders and in handling environmental concerns will increasingly be in the spotlight.

This first Sustainability Report outlines the Corporation’s approach to ESG, its efforts to date and its future objectives in being a good corporate citizen in the communities in which it operates.

As O3 Mining advances towards its vision of becoming a best-in-class gold producer, we continue to implement an increasing number of sustainable practices as a fundamental part of our business strategy. In this report, you will find the steps we have taken so far, those we intend to do in the future and how we intend to achieve our sustainability goals“, said Jose Vizquerra, President and Chief Executive Officer of O3 Mining.

Click here to view O3 Mining’s ESG report.


Sustainability practices and values within the mining industry have changed significantly. O3 Mining is proud to be part of this transition and embrace new ways of doing business for the benefit of all stakeholders. As a new generation mining company, the Corporation firmly believes that sustainable development must be at the heart of its business strategy as it seeks to build gold mines in Québec, Canada.

In building tomorrow’s projects, climate change and ESG considerations have to be integrated into our planning from inception to completion. As you will see in this report, sustainable development is an integral part of O3 Mining’s strategy“, said Myrzah Bello, Director of Sustainable Development of O3 Mining.


  • O3 Mining is committed to the integration of sustainable development practices through safe and ethical work that respects the social, environmental and economic context of the host communities surrounding its projects;
  • O3 Mining is committed to work alongside First Nations to ensure the development of its projects will take into consideration their expectations and needs;
  • O3 Mining aims to obtain the ECOLOGO certification in 2021;
  • O3 Mining seeks to minimize its environmental impact by using state-of-the-art technology, such as artificial intelligence in its exploration phase;
  • Since its inception, O3 Mining’s mission has been to contribute to local organizations in the areas of education and health;
  • O3 Mining aims to achieve a 40% diversity rate on its Board of Directors by 2022;
  • O3 Mining is committed to ongoing and active monitoring and updating of its ESG objectives. Transparency and responsible practices will guide this process.

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