Obtains Sponsorship Agreements with Four MMA Fighters to Enhance Brand Visibility

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LEON, the globally recognized online sports and casino entertainment brand, has partnered to sponsor four promising mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters: Justin Tafa, Junior Tafa, Hakaraia Wilson, and Joshua Culibao.

This partnership marks an exciting expansion of LEON’s sports collaboration portfolio, with the four Australasian athletes set to engage in various promotional activities and fan interactions, all while representing the LEON brand. These efforts aim to bring fans closer to the thrilling world of MMA.

The six-month promotional campaign will culminate in an unforgettable fight night in Australia this August, where the four fighters will demonstrate their prowess in the octagon.

The Tafa brothers and Culibao are well-known figures in the UFC, and Wilson is a rising star in professional MMA. Through LEON’s platform, they will provide regular updates on their training and progress and engage with fans via personal calls and exclusive online events.

LEON is committed to offering a secure, enjoyable, and innovative environment for casino gaming, sports, and esports fans. It prioritizes both entertainment and safety and advocates for responsible gaming practices.

Callen Mowatt, fighters Communications Director: “We are thrilled to join forces with such exceptional brand. Each of these athletes embodies the values of perseverance, determination, and courage, which we believe resonates deeply with with the brand. We look forward to being able to showcase their inspiring journeys as they reach new heights in their careers”

The Brand Communications Director of LEON commented, “Our partnership with the dynamic world of combat sports not only supports the aspirations of these talented athletes but also reinforces our pledge to deliver exhilarating and engaging experiences to our audience.

This collaboration reflects LEON’s commitment to innovation and community involvement, mirroring the triumphant cheers that echo across the sports landscape. 

Our goal is to assist young talent and support emerging athletes. We understand the challenges they face and the dedication required to excel as top fighters.

Through this sponsorship, we aim to motivate our audience to pursue their dreams and strive for success. We extend our best wishes to the four fighters as they train for their upcoming matches over the next six months.”

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