Paf Releases New In-House Game Sauna Vikings

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Meet the Sauna Vikings in Paf’s new game

The game has been developed and designed by Paf Games Studio

The game will be available on all Paf gaming sites and markets

The Nordic gaming company Paf has released a new online game called Sauna Vikings. The new game has been entirely produced in-house by Paf Games Studio. The game combines one of the most famous Nordic warriors, the Vikings, with one of the most famous Nordic traditions, the sauna. The tough-looking and humoristic characters make the game stand out.

“In short, we wanted to make a game where the bonus game takes place in the sauna,” a Producer for Paf Games Studio, Rene Katsev, said. “When we discussed in the team about what kind of characters we should have, then the Vikings were the strong favourite. That’s also how the game got its name; Sauna Vikings.”

The talented developers and designers in the Paf Games Studio team created the game. The game took some four to five months to complete, starting from the planning phase to the final launch. Around seven persons from the games’ studio were involved in the making of the game.

“The number of persons needed for a new game all depends on the scope and special features needed,” a Senior Game Programmer for Paf Games Studio, Kim Syvaluoma, said. “A smaller update of a game can be done much faster.”

The Sauna Vikings game uses a grid-based gaming function instead of the more common set-up with classic reels. Another nice feature is the character-specific animations in the game, making each Viking stand out. After months of work, the Sauna Vikings game is now live on many of Paf’s gaming sites.

“We usually celebrate every new game with a lunch or dinner and sometimes an event depending on what fits in,” a Senior Game Programmer for Paf Games Studio, Mika Lampi, said. “For now, we are already working on the next new thing.”

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