Reelsoft Levels Up in iGaming with New Vision Platform Deals

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Reelsoft, a pioneering force in the iGaming industry, proudly announces two strategic collaborations with leading entities in the European iGaming landscape. The partnerships, sealed at the end of 2023, mark a significant milestone for Reelsoft, solidifying its position as a challenger in the iGaming technology industry.

Both collaborations leverage Reelsoft’s Vision Link platform, a game-changing solution designed for B2B game distribution. Recognised for its technical stability and user-friendly interface, Vision Link provides partners with unprecedented flexibility and scalability, making it the platform of choice for innovation.

Reelsoft’s Vision platform, comprising Vision RGS and Vision Link, is a robust and powerful solution. With Reelsoft’s three legs, the Vision platform offers potential for growth for any company integrated. The Vision Link offers seamless integration with instant access to renowned game providers and trusted operator platforms. The Vision RGS offers an easy-to-work-with RGS solution for building your own bespoke game portfolio and RNG house is a game hosting powerhouse.

“These partnerships signify the Vision platform’s competitive edge, its stability and flexibility,” the Chief Executive Officer for Reelsoft, Thomas Nimstad, said. “It is an easy way to start your business on one leg and then grow into both an RGS and aggregation platform that is easy to work with yet powerful and flexible.”

With over two decades of industry expertise, Reelsoft specialises in iGaming technology solutions, fostering both game creation and distribution. The Vision platform, through continuous upgrades and innovations, cements Reelsoft’s position as a technical partner to reckon with.

The Reelsoft licence grants partners ownership and control, allowing them to develop content, retain intellectual property and shape platform features. Whether opting for an RGS or an aggregation route, Reelsoft ensures partners can focus on business growth, creativity and strategy while the platform handles the heavy lifting.

Reelsoft’s Vision platform is not just a solution; it’s a statement. A statement that Reelsoft is ready to take on any project, any deal and any company in the iGaming industry. Meet us at ICE London 2024 from February 6 to 8, 2024, to learn more.

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