Resecurity® Exhibit at World Police Summit 2023 to Showcase Cyber Threat Intelligence and Dark Web Monitoring Solutions


Resecurity, Inc. (USA), a Los Angeles-based cybersecurity company protecting Fortune 500 companies, showcased its solutions at the World Police Summit 2023 held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from March 2023. The solutions presented by Resecurity were particularly of interest to law enforcement agencies (LEA) and defense contractors focused on malicious cyber activity investigations and threat intelligence gathering for national security purposes.

The event brought together over 3,000 professionals from the security industry, including security experts, government officials, and law enforcement professionals. The event offered a platform to showcase the latest threat intelligence technologies and innovations that can assist law enforcement agencies in protecting critical infrastructure and fighting against cybercrime.

Resecurity’s participation in the event aimed to offer insight into the challenges that law enforcement face in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. Resecurity presented award-winning Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), Dark Web Monitoring (DWM), Digital Risk Management (DRM), Fraud Prevention (FP) and Identity Protection (IDP) solutions designed to address the emerging challenges and provide organizations with the necessary tools to combat cyber threats effectively.

Resecurity® Context, a cyber threat intelligence platform (CTIP) was showcased at the event in form of interactive workshops. The platform is powered by advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning (ML) and is designed to extract meaningful insights from context-enriched Big Data leveraging proprietary graph-based analysis. The platform contains threat actors’ profiles, mapped network activity, indicators of compromise, and a historical archive of underground communications that can be analyzed using natural language processing (NLP) technology. Resecurity’s CTIP is particularly useful for law enforcement agencies as it can assist in tracking illicit criminal activities on the web, including terrorism. The platform is widely used by law enforcement and national security organizations in multiple regions for today.

Resecurity also showcased its portfolio of products for effective digital risk monitoring (DRM) of the enterprise digital ecosystem. Resecurity’s DRM solutions offer early warning identification of data breaches and provide comprehensive protection against cybersecurity risks.

Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity, said, “We are honored to participate in the World Police Summit 2023 and demonstrate our commitment to providing advanced cybersecurity solutions to help law enforcement combat the emerging threats and new security challenges internationally.”

The World Police Summit is a major international event that brings together leaders in law enforcement and security from around the world. Attendees of the summit had the opportunity to learn about Resecurity’s Context™ which provides law enforcement and private sector organizations with the tools they need to collect and analyze actionable threat data. The platform is designed to extract meaningful insights from context-enriched big data, containing threat actors’ profiles with mapped network activity, indicators of compromise, and a historical archive of underground communications with the opportunity of in-depth search, translation, and analysis using natural language processing (NLP).

Resecurity’s focus on cyber threat intelligence solutions makes it an ideal partner for law enforcement agencies and private sector organizations. The company offers a range of solutions, including dark web monitoring and human intelligence (HUMINT) tools that enable the collection of threat data to profile bad actors and their tactics. With the increasing sophistication of modern threat actors and groups, Resecurity’s solutions require advanced data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities to effectively monitor the deep and dark web.

The United Arab Emirates, a regional hub for finance, tourism, and technology, has experienced significant growth in recent years, making it a target for cyber-attacks. Resecurity’s participation in the World Police Summit highlights the importance of cybersecurity in the region and the need for law enforcement agencies and private sector organizations to take proactive measures to protect their digital assets.

During the World Police Summit, Resecurity presented its cybersecurity solutions to attendees from law enforcement agencies and private sector organizations. The solutions of interest were focused on dark web monitoring and human intelligence (HUMINT) tools, which enable collection of threat data to profile bad actors and their tactics. The dark web, an untraceable area of the internet that traditional search engines do not index, is home to innumerable hidden marketplaces, communities, groups, and forums used to traffic illegal goods and services. These include child pornography, drugs, and weapons, as well as tools for malware and ransomware distribution. The consequences of cybercrime originating from the dark web impact nearly every industry and cost the global economy as much as $600 billion, or about 0.8 percent of global GDP. Security industry experts project that companies around the world will incur costs and lost revenue amounting to more than $5 trillion over the next five years due to cyberattacks.

Resecurity provides unique Human Intelligence (HUMINT) capabilities to target Dark Web actors and sophisticated cyberespionage groups covering the UAE and the wider Middle East region. The company’s comprehensive investigative and intelligence services assist clients with post-incident response, as well as preventive measures via proactive cyber threat intelligence to enhance their cybersecurity posture.

Recently Resecurity® products have been named a Gold Winner by the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in North America. Resecurity products and services received Gold recognition across 3 categories in highly competitive categories such as cyber threat intelligence (CTI), threat hunting, and third-party risk management (TPRM):

GOLD WINNER for Cyber Threat Intelligence in North America: Resecurity® Context™ Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform

GOLD WINNER for Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) in North America: Resecurity® Risk™ Supply Chain Risk Management Platform

GOLD WINNER for Threat Hunting in North America: Resecurity® Hunter™ Research & Development

Resecurity® has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a Leader in the Cyber Threat Intelligence Market and has been included as the top Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) Provider globally. The company has been recently highlighted in the latest Global TIP Market Report 2022 and External Risk Mitigation Platforms providing information about the most successful CTI and digital risk management industry players. The Frost & Sullivan report details the organization’s market research, identifying trends in the market and top vendors and tools in the market.

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