REVEALED: The Biggest Gaming Flops in 2022

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Not all video games can be a great success. There are certainly thousands of unmitigated digital disasters that received so much hype only to flop on release. But, with technology so advanced these days, which have been the biggest gaming flops of 2022?

To determine this, Casinos Crypto have conducted research into which 2022 video game releases received the most negative feedback. The ranking was based on four criteria, including the number of social media posts about the game, the positive and negative social media sentiment, and the number of Google searches.

The biggest gaming flops overall

Overall, the biggest gaming flop of 2022 was ‘Martha is Dead’, with an overall index score of just 0.2871. Despite being released in February, the horror-adventure game has only been mentioned in 33,552 social media posts so far this year – 31.30% of which are considered negative.

Also making it into the top 5 biggest gaming flops of 2022 is the PC game, ‘Recipe for Disaster’, with an index score of just 0.3215, role-playing game ‘Monark’, sports simulation game ‘eFootball 2022’, and PC and PlayStation game ‘DNF Duel’.

Rank Video Game Index Score
1 Martha is Dead 0.2871
2 Recipe for Disaster 0.3215
3 Monark 0.3462
4 eFootball 2022 0.5848
5 DNF Duel 0.6569

The biggest PlayStation flops

Rank Video Game Index Score
1 Martha is Dead 0.2806
2 Monark 0.3566
3 eFootball 2022 0.6303
4 DNF Duel 0.6756
5 Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel 0.7135

The biggest Xbox flops

Rank Video Game Index Score
1 Martha is Dead 0.2921
2 Evil Dead: The Game 0.7900
3 Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel 0.8146
4 Microsoft Flight Simulator: Top Gun Maverick DLC 0.9437
5 eFootball 2022 0.9467

The biggest switch flops

Rank Video Game Index Score
1 Monark 0.537
2 Hindsight 0.685
3 Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes 0.781
4 Don’t Starve Together 0.891
5 Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel 0.892

The biggest PC flops

Rank Video Game Index Score
1 Martha is Dead 0.2889
2 Recipe for Disaster 0.3249
3 Monark 0.3458
4 eFootball 2022 0.5844
5 DNF Duel 0.6624

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