Rightlander Launches Smart Workbench

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Rightlander, the leading expert in advertising and affiliate compliance, has launched Smart Workbench, an AI-lead product designed to significantly reduce the marketing compliance workload.

The new technology ties content and sentiment to brand placement, increasing contextual relevance, reducing the need for analysis by around 80% while also introducing a faster work flow. The combined effect makes the task of affiliate compliance up to 90% less time intensive than any other comparable tool on the market.

Rightlander scans millions of pages every month across global jurisdictions identifying sources of traffic and then monitoring them for potential compliance issues. The introduction of the Smart Workbench allows it to learn from every action taken by the operator which in turn, decreases the time taken to solve compliance issues.

The software can detect logos, links, brand references, bonuses and inducements and misleading or deceptive marketing messages and draw conclusions if something is relevant to a client’s brand, filtering out the unnecessary data. Furthermore, the Smart Workbench can prioritise compliance issues based on the importance of an item, where it occurs on an affiliate site, and how it is presented contextually.

The new reporting system also provides context for each item which allows the operator to make a decision without having to leave the Smart Workbench.

Ian Sims, founder of Rightlander.com, said: “This is a game-changer for our clients. Rightlander’s unique ability to scan millions of pages is a key reason for our success but working at scale means we uncover many more potential issues than our competitors which of course, need to be dealt with.”

“Our focus in 2022 has been to find a solution to dramatically reduce the data that compliance teams have to deal without resorting to lower scan volumes and I’m blown away by what our dev team have come up with here.

“Rightlander’s Smart Workbench not only weeds out around 80% of the false positives, it also learns from each action taken so that the time it takes to resolve compliance issues reduces very quickly over a short time.”

Another major benefit of the Smart Workbench is its ability to help smaller compliance teams by translating issues in foreign languages into the chosen language of the compliance officer.

Ian Sims said: “Languages can be a major headache for teams. This enhancement to the system addresses the headache and helps to reduce the compliance budget overhead at the same time.”

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