Russian Hacker Group Threatens to Reveal Technical Secrets of GPI

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The Russian hacker group known as REvil has revealed that it has hacked the servers of casino equipment supplier Gaming Partners International (GPI). The hackers also issued a 72-hour deadline for the company to pay the ransom.

The hackers said they had stolen 540 gigabytes of sensitive data from GPI, including financial documents, contracts and technical documentation for all of the company’s gaming machines.

“Absolutely all servers and working computers of the company are hacked and encrypted,” the hackers said in a statement on the Dark Web obtained by

“We have all the most important data from all your servers, including Macao and Mexico,” REvil said.

“In another 72 hours, if you do not pay for our silence and decryption, all information from your severs will go public, which will bring huge losses to all customers to whom you provide your products,” the group added.

REvil did not specify their financial demand in the public statement.

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