Seeing Machines to highlight advantages of camera-based driver monitoring at InCabin in Brussels


Seeing Machines, an advanced computer vision technology company that designs AI-powered systems to improve transport safety, is excited to announce that it will be attending InCabin, held this year in Brussels from 20 – 22 June.

Seeing Machines’ Chief Science and Innovation Officer, Professor Mike Lenné, will be representing the company in Brussels and is due to speak on the theme of “Driver engagement and take-over readiness.”

Professor Lenné will discuss how auto manufacturers currently face a choice between adopting either camera-based driver monitoring systems (DMS) or hands-on-the wheel sensors in their vehicle designs, a situation which is likely to change as governments and regulators increasingly recognise the value that camera-based sensing brings to improving driver safety.

The talk will also examine the state of research on camera-based driver monitoring, making the case that technologies which monitor a driver’s ocular movements are more effective at ensuring safety than other approaches. The capabilities of camera-based driver monitoring are continually evolving, ensuring that it will represent the pinnacle of interior-sensing and safety for years to come.

Seeing Machines, which is based in Canberra and listed on the UK stock market, recently carried out a nationally representative poll looking at the attitudes of UK consumers towards DMS, rapidly becoming mandatory for carmakers to install around the world to enhance safety and underpin hands-free, or assisted driving features. The results showed that 70% of consumers believe in-vehicle DMS can improve road safety and help reduce accidents caused by distracted or fatigued drivers, although 72% still have little to no knowledge of this new technology.

“The results indicate that most consumers are willing to try out a technology with clear benefits for driver safety” said Paul McGlone CEO of Seeing Machines“Nonetheless, the survey shows that there is much work still to be done by carmakers, suppliers and policy makers in educating the public as to the benefits of advanced driver monitoring systems. By attending InCabin, we want to help raise awareness across our stakeholders of a technology that is set to become an unavoidable legal requirement in the decade ahead and ultimately to ensure that more people around the world get home safely.”

InCabin is the world’s leading event for interior intelligence specialists, being attended by a range of engineers, experts and thought leaders from across the auto industry. The conference is the best place to learn about the latest developments in the field of driver and occupant monitoring systems.

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