ShyamVNL unveils solution to global problem of mobile phones including contraband cell phones usage in prisons, correctional facilities unveiled at global security event


Illegal use of cell phones in prisons world-over is the most serious threat to public safety faced by prison authorities today. With evolving communications technology, cell phones are now harder to detect, providing criminals the means to run illegal operations, sophisticated cartels, organize murders, riots, drug operations, fraud, extortion and other crimes, from behind prison walls.

For decades, technology companies globally have worked on several approaches to address this problem, without success.

Current approaches based on outdated technologies such as traditional jammers and managed access systems have failed to deny & detect use of mobiles phones & wireless devices, while often impacting communication in surrounding communities.

At a global security conference in Paris last week, ShyamVNL a pioneer in secure communications and mobile intelligence systems unveiled a solution to this unresolved global problem, while ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.

According to the company, this is the world’s only comprehensive system to deny, detect, identify and locate all mobile phones/devices including contraband phones, and if required enabling a secure, authorized mobile communication network (connected to PABX) for authorized personnel.

Rajiv Mehrotra, the Founder, Chairman of SHYAM VNL (a telecom and HLS industry veteran) confirmed that, “the PCG (Prison Communication Guard) system denies, detects with 100% accuracy – all cell phones operating in prison irrespective of the technology. (2G,3G,4G & 5G…), and locates every phone (within the campus) with an accuracy of 1 meter, along with advanced alerts, analytics. This is a capability that has never existed before, in any solution globally.”

Mr. Mehrotra further stated, “PCG is field-proven over the past couple of years including rigorous trials with prison authorities at one of the largest correctional facilities in Asia.” He also confirmed that the solution is part of a broader mobile intelligence portfolio developed for government, defense and other high-security, mission critical facilities including airports, borders crossing and other sensitive campuses/areas.

PCG proactively denies, detects, identifies and locates all phones operating in the area, and in the process identifies persons of interest and emerging security threats. He also stressed that the system uses sophisticated communication technology, while complying to regulation, user rights and without accessing any data on phones.

Given wide-spread applications of the technology, the company is in the process of expanding its global presence via sales partnerships with leading security, defense technology partners.

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