Singapore-Based Fintech Company Aquariux Launches AQR Trader – A Retail Trading Platform Interface Tailored For Brokers


Singapore-based fintech company Aquariux launches AQR Trader, a unique front-end retail trading platform interface designed for brokerages and financial services, suitable for use on iOS and Android devices. The platform offers a white-label ready, foreign exchange (FX) and contract for differences (CFD) retail trading solution, with a user-friendly interface and enhanced trading capabilities.

Established in 2020, Aquariux specialises in Fintech as a Service (FaaS) solutions that can be delivered either as a cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid infrastructure. The local IT firm also provides Web3 solutions through smart contract development, node services and digital asset wallet integration. These solutions empower businesses to extend their product offerings to include transactions through digital currencies.

Powered by professional trading signals provider, Acuity Signal Centre, the new AQR Trader offers trading ideas that can be executed in the user’s trading account. These ideas are generated by AI technology, combined with experienced human-led analysis based on deep market analysis and professional trading expertise to support novice and advanced traders alike.

AQR Trader’s highly optimised and configurable user interface allows brokers to focus on building a strong brand, while providing a better user experience for traders. Brokers can easily choose a logo and name for their brand, and change specific elements to match their preferences, all while relying on the platform’s reliability and intuitive order submission process. This user-centric approach may lead to higher customer retention rates and increased overall satisfaction.

A beta version of AQR Trader developed for a client saw over 3,000 users, ranking 23rd on the iOS mobile trading app charts in Japan. Currently, AQR Trader has a customer base of nine including Anzo Capital, Gold Silver Central, Lirunex, MTS Group and ZAIX. Aquariux has also established strategic partnerships with Acuity Signal Center, Exberry and TransactCloud.

We understand the importance of customer retention for our brokerages and B2B retail trading partners”, shares Aquariux CEO Kelvin Chia, adding, “To achieve this, our in-house trading technology is integral to fulfilling the specific needs of retail traders. Collaborations with external partners such as Acuity Signal Centre, and Exberry further demonstrate our commitment to advancing the platform.”

Having headed the Aquariux team since 2020 as CEO, Kelvin brings over a decade of experience in the trading system industry to the development of AQR Trader and business traction.

We wanted to provide an optimal solution and technology that best adds value to our customers’ businesses. Our objective is to see our customers succeed — however, as our engineers initially lacked domain-specific knowledge, we unexpectedly found ourselves over-engineering the solution, which turned out to be a big blessing in disguise. We are now equipped for robust integration with various OMS solutions and third-party feeds such as news, economic data release and trade signals,” Kelvin shared.

We began to build a multi-tenanted version of our solution in view of white-labeling potentials, and designed plug & play demo environments for prospects to test our solutions, establish subscription and transaction based commercials fitting to our partners’ needs, and fulfil technology guidelines from regulators. Fortunately, these were necessary commercial elements that I am familiar with, and my team members are extremely capable in executing these tasks.”

Following the opening of its Dubai branch, Aquariux seeks to enhance its position as a leading global fintech company, with its subsequent expansion to Vietnam in the near future. The firm strives to bring genuine value to its clients, partners and end users, and hopes to fill an industry gap – the lack of configurable trading platform solutions that can cater to a client’s requirements, without compromising on quality.

“We are constantly evaluating opportunities to extend our product offerings through refining the synergy between our core solution, AQR Trader, and the upcoming technologies we are developing.” Kelvin shared.

On top of that, Aquariux plans to offer enhanced secure payment functions through the upcoming launch of its fiat and digital asset payment solution, AQR Pay. AQR Pay provides both merchants and users with a regulated, secure, and cost-efficient onboarding payment solution, allowing them to have full visibility on their payment transactions in real-time settlement.

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