Slotsjudge Streamers Paul and Krista Launch New Interactive Features on Streams

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Introduction to the New Interactive Features
Slotsjudge’s streamers, Paul and Krista, have recently implemented a number of new interactive feature aimed at diversifying viewer experience and even making viewers participate in the gaming process first-hand. What exactly will these innovations bring to the table?

Engaging Viewers with “Viewergames”
The very first feature, Viewergames, is designed to ensure viewer participation throughout the stream. Paul and Krista choose five random viewers to pick a game to play and try out the bought bonuses in each. At the end of each round, the participant with the lowest bonus amount leaves the game. The last standing viewer at the end of all games then receives the main prize.

Exciting “Bonus Hunt” Experience
Viewer participation is further encouraged in the Bonus Hunt feature on stream. Streamers play a predefined number of games and accumulate bonuses in the process. In the gaming process, the accumulated bonuses are not opened immediately. Instead, streamers keep them a mystery until the end.

Will the bonus hunt end in profit? Viewers can make their guesses by participating in a vote on Discord, and once the bonuses are revealed, Paul and Krista choose five viewers who guessed correctly and reward them with special prizes.

Interactive Giveaways for 100x Wins
Whenever a 100x win is hit during the stream, it triggers a special Giveaway, in which five viewers are chosen randomly to receive a prize. If a 100x win occurs more than once, an increased number of players enter a wheel, which then selects five winners. There can be multiple entries per viewer, which greatly increases their winning chances.

Slotsjudge’s Commitment to Interactive Entertainment
The introduction of the new interactive games for Paul and Krista’s streams has become a major boost for viewer engagement in the entertainment content provided on the platform. Slotsjudge is dedicated to bringing innovation into every aspect of the iGaming sector, refreshing viewer experience and making it more rewarding than ever.

Conclusion: Enhancing Viewer Engagement
Viewergames, Bonus Hunt, and Giveaways for 100x Wins will have a number of undeniable advantages. Most and foremost, they will greatly increase viewer engagement thanks to active viewer participation. Besides, they will build a sense of community among viewers, encouraging them to come back for more rewards and experience their favorite games anew.

Finally, such an engagement rate is based on the uniqueness of each feature, which makes every stream memorable for viewers and thus — skyrockets the visibility of such content among advertisers and sponsors. Slotsjudge is looking forward to reaping the fruit of the new stream games and seeing their positive impact on the iGaming community and the industry as a whole.

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