SOOP statistics are now available on Streams Charts

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Last month, Korea’s top streaming platform AfreecaTV announced the launch of its new global live streaming service, — SOOP — and its beta release happened just a couple of weeks ago. Streams Charts is happy to announce that the service’s statistics are now available on our website. Data can be acquired through our subscriptions and via API.

AfreecaTV’s SOOP Live Streaming Statistics

SOOP has just launched, yet thousands of users regularly visit the platform. Currently, the most popular category on SOOP is Valorant. The platform hosts esports broadcasts, including the VCT Champions Tour 2024: Pacific Stage 2, and has also attracted several top streamers.

While the service was launched by a South Korean company, the predominant audience on the platform currently hails from Thailand. This is unsurprising, as SOOP already hosts streams from several prominent Thai streamers who have made a name for themselves on Twitch, including Edwin_live, SuperBusS, and others.

“For the past year and a half, most discussions about streaming platforms have revolved around Twitch, Kick, and YouTube Gaming as they provide their services worldwide. AfreecaTV has long been popular in South Korea, and the launch of Naver’s CHZZK has only encouraged them to develop in the region.

Launching SOOP as a global platform worldwide is a strategic decision by the AfreecaTV team to expand further into international markets. We couldn’t pass it by, and we are already seeing a big jump in the Thai segment on the platform. It’s worth noting that the platform has only recently launched in beta, but the statistics we’re already seeing provide a clear picture of SOOP’s ambitions.”

Nazar Babenko, Product Manager at Streams Charts

SOOP streams are not limited to gaming content alone. For instance, the platform actively covers the KBO League, South Korea’s highest-level baseball league. Streams of this tournament have already attracted hundreds of viewers.

How can I acquire SOOP statistics on Streams Charts?

With a PRO subscription, you gain unlimited access to platform data on the Streams Charts website, including downloading data in CSV format and receiving priority support from our team. A monthly subscription to SOOP will be priced at $100 per month, one of the lowest among platforms. By bundling it with other platforms (e.g., another regional platform CHZZK), you can enjoy cost savings. Сheck out our Pricing page to learn more about the terms and discount system.

Full analytics for a single channel is also available for just $9 monthly. Learn more about the conditions of the Streamer plan. Data can also be purchased via API. Read more about Data collection frequency and other conditions on streamchart website.

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