Sports Betting Increases In Popularity As Altenar Arrives In The Netherlands! | Achieving Certification

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Entering the Netherlands iGaming market has been a dedicated dream for Altenar for sometime and as a result, achieving certification within the region has been a tremendous achievement for the sports betting software provider that has followed in the footsteps of many powerhouses in the iGaming space.

This is where Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, has sparked interest in the Netherlands market and understood that its bespoke services will bring something fresh and unique to the market space.  

As the Netherlands market opened up, it became clear to Altenar that a niche space had arrived, much akin to Italy, Spain and Sweden where regulation and certificates were potentially subject to change, but were also a must-have requirement for operations within the Netherlands.

With gambling inside the Netherlands regulated under the Betting and Gambling Act 2021 or as it’s locally known, Wet op de kansspelen 2021 “BGA”, Altenar’s team has taken the time to ensure operators using its sports betting software will be able to operate legally, in line with the necessary regulatory requirements.

Given the Netherlands betting market’s heritage for arcade-based games, Altenar’s use of widget technology, amongst other features, will offer familiar forms of betting that have taken shape in newer and more accessible forms through the iGaming space. 

So, what does Altenar, a sports betting software provider bring to the Netherlands market, where betting is prohibited unless licensed and what makes Altenar the perfect sports betting provider for the region? 


A Great Addition For The Netherlands iGaming Portfolio 

Having achieved certifications in the Netherlands market, has garnered inordinate interest from operators with Altenar, who is known for its flexible and stable approach to sports betting content, software and long-standing relationships across the world. 

It’s from a strong core of adaptability that Altenar has been able to secure its foothold in the Netherlands market, but it’s also an attribute to what Altenar has to offer. You can discover more about Altenar’s new features, success stories and case studies through its website, www.altenar .com, while informing yourself of what your operations could look like with Altenar’s sportsbook software. 

With 24/7 support, an always improving risk management system, top-tier sports content and a dedication to innovation, Altenar’s sportsbook is set to take the Netherlands by storm and you can go along for the ride by contacting Altenar’s passionate team today. 

Joining Altenar as it covers new ground and finds new ways to provide top-of-the-range sports betting software and content for your players will be one of your best investments this year. 

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