Sudden rush in the Poker Industry in India

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The market for online versions of games such as Poker has grown tremendously during this period of lockdown as people battle boredom, stress, and loneliness amid continued physical distancing. It is one of the biggest winners in the online gaming industry. Poker, the refuge of the bored, lonely, and thrill-seeking Indian in lockdown.

India’s poker industry was already in a major growth phase in 2019, and now, after the lockdown, it seems to have burgeoned further. There are professional players, too, who make their entire living out of playing the game, like players of any other sport do. Poker is coming up with so many new innovative features such as 3D Poker & Live Poker.

3D Poker: It features 3D formats of personalized Avatars

Live Poker: It provides a real-world experience of playing and conversing with real players online


  • The users can invite their friends and family and play the game for real cash or virtual coins while sitting in their own space
  • Brought people during the times of pandemic
    • Real-world experience to its users like real-world dealer’s commentary exchange mocking gifs, club room ambiance, personalized 3D avatar
  • Advanced secured features, the payment gateway to maintain high-security standards for the userssil

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