Adrian Cheng Enters the Metaverse, Expanding His Commitment to Disruptive Technology


Adrian Cheng, the entrepreneur and well-established strategic investor known for being at the forefront of innovation, is taking his commitment to disruptive technology to the next level by joining and investing in The Sandbox.

The Sandbox is a leading decentralised gaming virtual world and subsidiary of Animoca Brandsoffering virtual real estate, called LAND NFTs, in the open metaverse.

Adrian’s LAND will be one of the biggest plots in The Sandbox, and form part of the ‘Mega City’ virtual world, which will include Adrian’s Innovation Hub.

The landmark of the Innovation Hub will be the GBA Pavilion, a vibrant centre propagating creativity and futuristic vision to showcase the successes of various Greater Bay Area (GBA) start-ups.

In conjunction with Adrian’s personal investment portfolio, venture capital company C Ventures and start-up accelerator, Eureka Nova, he has funded, incubated and supported a range of successful companies across the GBA in the ‘real world’.

He is now elevating these companies to the metaverse in order to promote their missions, expertise and visions for the future. The GBA Pavilion in The Sandbox will inspire and encourage next generation entrepreneurs by showing them real-life success stories. The featured companies will offer entertainment, exclusive NFTs and immersive experiences, making it a key attraction for anyone wanting to be inspired.

“I’m excited to enter the Metaverse through The Sandbox. Providing platforms for the next generation to be empowered to create, innovate and feel part of something that’s paving the way for the future is critical to progress,” said Adrian Cheng. “The digital world is constantly evolving and we need to stay at the forefront of these changes by continuously exploring and developing the metaverse.”

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, commented: “Adrian is one of the most influential leaders in business, real estate, arts and culture in Hong Kong and the region, and we are thrilled that he is joining The Sandbox to bring his unique perspective and to help add and shape new transformative experiences to the open metaverse.”

GBA start-ups to be featured in Adrian’s Innovation Hub include AesirCasetifyLalamoveDayDayCookPreneticsRaspectRice RoboticsRooftop RepublicUndone and V Cycle.  Adrian will be progressively working on developing his The Sandbox LAND and its digital assets, and will share key updates via his social media accounts.


Asia’s Leading Crypto Financial Services Platform Matrixport Valued at Over $1 Billion – Two Years After its Founding


Matrixport, Asia’s fast growing digital assets financial services platform closed its Series C funding round with a valuation of over US$1 billion – just two years after its establishment. This round was led by partners of DST Global, C Ventures and K3 Ventures with other participants including Qiming Venture Partners, CE Innovation Capital, Tiger Global, Cachet Group, Palm Drive Capital, Foresight Ventures and A&T Capital, along with earlier investors Lightspeed, Polychain, Dragonfly Capital, CMT Digital and IDG Capital. The Singapore-based start-up has raised $129 million to date.

Matrixport offers a full suite of cryptocurrency financial services including institutional custody, trading, lending, structured products and asset management to institutional and retail[1] clients. As of March 2021, the company held over $10 billion of client assets under management and custody, and recorded $5 billion in monthly transactions across all product lines.

“I always believe an open and permissionless blockchain ecosystem is the bedrock of a new financial network that will benefit a large part of the world’s population. As a result, there will be hundreds of trillions of value created, stored and transferred on this new financial network,” said Jihan Wu, Co-Founder & Chairman of Matrixport.

Since its inception in 2019, Matrixport’s mission is to be a one-stop financial services platform. Its exponential growth has been driven by robust technology capabilities and innovative product offerings, such as the world’s first crypto dual currency product. The company provides a comprehensive suite of offerings tailored across different risk appetites and yield expectations.

“We are more than a gateway to the crypto economy. Matrixport is where both institutional customers and individuals find it easy to get more from their crypto, beyond just trading. We are continually pushing out more new ways to invest crypto and earn yields in a safe and sustainable manner. We believe that it is very important to give the choice back to our customers with a range of innovative crypto investment products,” said John Ge, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Matrixport.

With this funding, Matrixport plans to further invest in research and development to enhance its innovative product offerings and security while optimising for an even greater user experience. The funds will also be used to support its global expansion as well as to secure licenses to operate in more jurisdictions. With the company’s vision to “Make Crypto Easy For Everyone”, the roll-out will allow more users globally to embrace its cryptocurrency financial services platform.

“As blockchain based digital assets gain wider adoption and acceptance, new pathways are needed to capture yield, source liquidity and manage crypto assets as an emerging asset class. With deep knowledge of traditional finance and a keen understanding of crypto assets, Matrixport is well positioned to answer the increasing demand for this new area of investment, driven primarily by the younger generations,” said Adrian Cheng, founder of C Ventures and CEO of New World Group.

“Matrixport has demonstrated tremendous thought leadership as a digital assets financial services platform by being first movers in delivering a well-curated suite of innovative crypto investment offerings. Matrixport empowers crypto natives, sophisticated institutional clients, and just as importantly the large community of first-time users who are embarking on their crypto investing journey aboard a robust and trusted platform,” said MX Kuok, Managing Partner of K3 Ventures.

“As an early investor, Dragonfly is excited to see Matrixport’s continuous growth and innovation in the emerging asset class. It is well-positioned to become one of the most critical onramps for crypto adoption,” said Feng Bo, Founding Managing Partner of Dragonfly Capital.