Wealthface Launches Advanced Trading Platform


Wealthface, an Investment management company, announced today the launching of its online trading platform for active investors in the Middle East and the United States with the option of allowing clients to build their own portfolio, powered by a factor investing advanced algorithms.

Wealthface offers expert investment services through a blend of investment options, advanced Fintech and professional human expertise. It is licensed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and ADGM’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA). Its partnership with the US heavyweights “DriveWealth” will enable Wealthface clients to trade US stocks at a low cost.

The Wealthface platform offers investors and traders, of varying income brackets, the opportunity to invest and trade in thousands of stocks, an option typically unavailable for retail clients; and also connects them directly to the market through an advanced APIs integration with DriveWealth.

The user-friendly platform is now available as Web and App (Apple Store & Google Play Store), offering thus to retail clients the possibility to trade with the low commission of $1 per trade. Users can also build the portfolio, rebalance it, and execute it directly to the market using cutting-edge technology and select quantitative investment strategies backed by a factor Nobel Prize Award-Winning Research backtested since 2004.

Bilal Majbour, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wealthface, said: “Our mission at Wealthface is to give everyone, everywhere access to the financial market and always make sure to offer a complimentary solution on what clients have access to in the market. Wealthface Trade is a super innovative platform where clients not only trade US stocks like any broker, but we actually have developed unique financial tools where users can build their own basket, choose the stocks, the weight for each stock, and trade the whole basket with a simple click. Users now can enjoy trading not only because of the low fees but also because we provide them the best on the market.