10-fold Increase for Hotel Intelligence Upgrade During this Pandemic


Aiello Inc. releases another good news after the completion of pre series A fundraising announced. Though Travel industry has suffered from COVID-19 pandemic, Aiello is bucking the trend and got strong double-digit growth in revenue, with successfully launched 5000 rooms of over 20 hotels in Taiwan to reach million end-users. With Aiello Voice Assistant takes around 50% of market share in 4 and 5-star hotels, Aiello is honored to be a leading brand of conversational AI for enterprise in Taiwan. InterContinental Kaoshiung, the first InterContinental namesake hotel in Taiwan and which will open soon, also have it. In addition, the company will continually active on strong overseas market expansion.

“Although chip shortage and cost inflation occur, we still maintained a strong growth since most hotels tend to renovate and upgrade their facilities during this pandemic. Aiello combined the advantages of front-end device as a speaker and back-end cloud management, coupled with strategic resources to improve the richness of content, hence, we won the reputation both from business enterprises and end customers.” Vic Shen said, the CEO of Aiello.

With the lifting of restrictions, Taiwanese turn to domestic travel, especially with government’s “Stimulus Vouchers”  program launched.  Therefore, it generated 80 million voice interactions and inquiries and requests take 30% of the total. By this, the speech-to-text demands can reduce misunderstanding in oral communication further lower 20% of time is spent by hotel staff answering the phone. It particularly stimulate increase extra 20% consumption in hotel through the recommendation of Aiello assistant

Other than high accuracy NLP technology and AIoT applications, Aiello continuously to maintain impactful contents and functionality by enriching user experiences in combining multiple resources, including famous food & play media choice, News, music access, push coupons via Line, feedback survey, “Aiello voice assistant” is highly capable to fulfill the demand across all age group.