Superpedestrian debuts next-gen operating system “Briggs” — Upgrading every LINK e-scooter


Superpedestrian debuts its next operating system, the core software programmed directly into its LINK e-scooters.

Codenamed “Briggs,” the second version of LINK’s unique operating system slashes geofence reaction time to 0.7s, stores triple the number of geofence zones, has 7X more precise geofence accuracy, boosts battery life by two days and extends scooter range by 10%. Thanks to over-the-air updates, the company can update its entire global LINK fleet in seconds.

LINK is the only e-scooter powered by VIS (Vehicle Intelligent Safety system), a sophisticated onboard safety system that combines artificial intelligence, 73 sensors and five microprocessors. VIS runs 1,000 vehicle health checks every second in a ride, and monitors, governs and fine-tunes vehicle performance in real-time. Because VIS can be continuously upgraded with new operating systems, features and updates, LINK scooters get more responsive with every update.

“LINK is engineered to get smarter over time – our ability to continuously upgrade the operating system makes LINK unique,” said Assaf Biderman, Founder and CEO of Superpedestrian. “If a city partner comes to us with a new idea, we can easily add that, thanks to VIS. This makes for constantly-improving vehicles for riders, better protection for pedestrians and more robust safety performance for cities. Cities should demand nothing less for their citizens.”

Key features of Briggs:

  • 22% faster geofence reaction. LINK scooters can react in just 0.7s, making the industry’s fastest-responding geofence system.
  • 3X capacity for onboard geofences. The Briggs operating system can now accommodate 24,000 discrete onboard zones in one city.
  • 7X more precise geofence accuracy. Enhanced mapping resolution makes parking control more precise and geofence enforcement faster.
  • 10% more range. Powertrain efficiency boosts scooter range to 61 miles: three times the range of common alternatives.
  • Two days extra battery life. Increased to 22 days.

Superpedestrian also unveiled new ergonomic design features for the latest scooters in production:

  • Updated front suspension. Decreases rider fatigue on longer trips and increases ride stability.
  • A brighter colour scheme. Featuring more extensive use of its safety yellow.
  • A redesigned deck mat. A smoother ride and increased grip underfoot.
  • Revised handlebar grips. More comfortable for riders and more durable.