Fifth Era & Blockchain Coinvestors Announces Partnership with Ordway Selections to Launch Blockchain Coinvestors Swiss


Blockchain Coinvestors, a leading venture fund-of-funds and coinvestment program with a combined portfolio of more than 300 blockchain and crypto projects, including 20 blockchain unicorns, today announced the launch of Blockchain Coinvestors Swiss in partnership with Ordway Selections, part of a Swiss family office.

The team at Ordway Selections has invested alongside Blockchain Coinvestors Managing Partners Alison Davis and Matthew C. Le Merle since their first fund of funds was launched in the blockchain space and is now committing additional capital to capitalize on industry wide coverage into a sector with a unique value proposition, including financial return and positive impact.

“The global transition towards a world of digital monies and assets is gaining momentum and we expect blockchain and crypto companies and projects to benefit from the accelerating value creation in the space,” said Alison Davis.

Pierre-Edouard Wahl, partner and co-founder of Ordway Selections, previously head of blockchain at PWC Switzerland and at Credit Suisse, comments: “We view this investment as a great way to participate early with tomorrow’s winners, and to secure direct investment opportunities to double down on single companies that are gaining market share.”

“We believe that Blockchain Coinvestors Swiss will help us provide access to professional investors who would otherwise not have the global blockchain access that we can provide,” added Matthew C. Le Merle.

Ordway Selections invests alongside other like-minded co-investors. Swiss professional investors are welcome to reach out to Pierre-Edouard Wahl at [email protected] in order to learn more.