BRAND’S Direct Business leverages Appier’s solutions to strengthen its ecommerce presence with a personalized marketing strategy


Appier today announced that BRAND’S Direct Business Thailand, a subsidiary of the Suntory group of companies, has adopted its AI-powered solutions to boost the online marketing strategy across its online channels. Through the adoption of AIQUA, a one-stop customer engagement platform, BRAND’S Direct Business Thailand was able to enhance its digital marketing approach by effectively integrating all of its online channels to deliver personalized messages and relevant communication to its customers, while optimizing the conversion rates of its marketing campaigns.

The COVID-19 pandemic placed significant pressure and demands on brands to transform their marketing strategy as customers’ purchasing behaviors evolved towards online browsing and shopping.  As a leading provider of health, beauty and wellness supplements in Asia, BRAND’S Direct Business Thailand was no exception – the company recognized that it needed to drive more personalized engagements across its online channels, which encompasses web and e-mail marketing.

Thailand is Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy, as well as the region’s second-largest business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce market. The Thai government announced the “Thailand 4.0″ economic model, with a goal to reorient and improve the country’s economy away from manufacturing and towards information and services. The private and government sectors are strongly encouraged by the government to make e-commerce readily available to Thai residents and in-market trends keenly demonstrate the market’s shift towards digital transformation.

E-commerce users are expected to grow by 19 percent to 43 million users by 2023 and 52 percent of the population already currently shops online. The post-COVID era has driven the rapid acceleration and adoption of more advanced technology to support digital initiatives, moving beyond traditional applications like cloud and mobile to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics.

“BRAND’S is a trademark that’s warmly appreciated and loved by millions around the world. Keeping that brand loyalty alive, despite the changing rules of COVID-19, was an essential focus for us and this meant transforming our current digital strategies to adapt to our customers’ evolving needs. Partnering with Appier, an industry leader in the MarTech space, gave us the confidence to rebuild our digital marketing approach with a smarter and more effective way of managing all of our online channels seamlessly. With the smarter insights we now gain into our customers, we’re excited to embark on the next stage of our digital transformation journey to ensure that we’re continuously evolving with our customers’ needs to offer highly personalized engagements to drive stronger brand loyalty for us,” said Kazuya Udagawa, Head of Marketing, BRAND’S Direct Business Thailand.

As part of its partnership with Appier, BRAND’S Direct Business Thailand wanted to boost its online marketing approach, ensuring effective targeting and communication that would convert visitors into customers. This was on top of the company’s existing need for digital transformation and flexible management of its online channels.

With Appier’s AI personalized marketing cloud, BRAND’S Direct Business Thailand successfully integrated all of its insights on customer behavior together with its CRM data, enabling the company to better create target audience segments. BRAND’S Direct Business Thailand then utilized AIQUA to create tailored content and messages and deliver them to customers across its online channels, namely through web push notifications, in-web pop-ups, and eDMs.

As a one-stop platform, AIQUA empowered BRAND’S Direct Business Thailand to create, execute and monitor all its multi-channel online engagements in a single dashboard. This significantly freed up the company’s marketing resources, allowing them to save time, streamline workflows and create smarter content, ultimately demonstrating a significant return on investment for the implementation.

With AIQUA, BRAND’S Direct Business Thailand achieved significant results for its ongoing marketing campaigns. The company saw a 2.5x increase in its eDM open rate and a 4x increase in its overall conversion rates, based on industry benchmarks.

With Appier’s ongoing partnership, BRAND’S Direct Business Thailand is embarking on the next phase of its digital transformation strategy and is looking forward to creating marketing campaigns to build stronger brand loyalty.