Calo Metaverse Application – Journey to conquer investors


Calo App is a blockchain-based health and wellness application aimed at optimizing fitness experience. In recent times, this project has successfully attracted investors interested in fitness metaverse.

Integration of modern technology with  fitness and sports

The rise of the Metaverse trend globally has accelerated many industries towards the Metaverse. Calo App is one of the pioneers in building a fitness metaverse on the blockchain with hopes to make exercise more fun and motivate more people to improve their physical and mental health.

Besides health benefits, the “burn to earn” mechanism of Calo App helps users get other values. The highlight of this new model is that users can burn calories and earn extra rewards at the same time.

To motivate users to improve their fitness, Calo App intergrates AR and VR technology with exercises to optimize the user experience and create a cutting-edge metaverse for blockchain-based fitness.  Building on the blockchain, Calo App provides users exercises and challenges to gain Calo rewards. These experiences are linked together by CALO token, NFTs items and thereby can generate passive income.

Calo App project is developing by a team of outstanding and experiences members, who have been working in blockchain, finance, healthcare, and sports industries and leading by Founder Stephen Phan.

Calorie App conquers investors and community

Up to now, the Calo App project has obtained impressive achievements. In just 5 days, it attracted more than 20,000 followers on Telegram, more than 2,000 followers on Twitter, and tens of thousands of Retweets.

After 2 weeks of $1,950K private sales round, Calo has received more than 50% of the raising plan from well-known investment funds. Calo is expected to complete its private sales by end of November while preparing for the initial DEX offering (IDO) by 20 Dec 2021.

At the same time, industry heavyweights and innovative leaders including BSC Station, MoniHub, Wildcat Venture, Decom Holding, CyclickAds, Bas Ventures, Onebit Venture, BFRI Capital, CRVN Capital, DEO Network, CoinLab, Gemslab, GameHub have backed and supported Calo App.

Calo is in the process of interacting with hundreds of KOLs and partners in the fitness, sports, and blockchain industries in the world. With the “burn to earn” gameplay to help users gain health benefits and earn their own digital assets, Calo App is on the way to thrive, reaching out to the international market.