Center Prime Wallet SDK now supports QuarkChain – QKC, QRC20 payment available


CenterPrime has signed an agreement with QuarkChain, a blockchain platform based on sharding, for a project which connects the real economy with the DeFi ecosystem. Through this agreement, QuarkChain will be supported through CenterPrime’s Oracle Perceptron Wallet SDK (Software Development Kit). Therefore, QuarkChain will be able to provide real-world and real economy services such as transportation cards, gift certificates, local currency, and overseas remittance fees. When this became known, QuarkChain’s token value rose 55.5% compared to the previous day (as of March 17th).

Oracle Perceptron is a platform that connects the DeFi industry and traditional finance by cross-chaining various networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, and Quark Chain, and by blockchaining the open banking API of traditional finance. Services provided by Oracle Perceptron include Neuron Assets, operators, wallets (enterprise and personal), Explorer, and Payment Gateway. Among these services, there is Oracle Perceptron Wallet, which is a technology that connect various assets with the real economy and resolves the UX/UI problems that hinder the expansion of the DeFi industry. A public key-based structure that integrates public keys used for encryption and private keys used for decryption by integrating and managing digital certificates of PKI is drawing attention as a technology that solves the problems of the DeFi industry. The Oracle Perceptron wallet is available in two categories: personal and enterprise.

With the support of QuarkChain in Oracle Perceptron Wallet’s SDK (a technology that is attracting attention from a multitude of people) many developers and users can easily and conveniently develop and use the core functions of the wallet. In addition, users can safely and conveniently manage and store public and private keys while utilizing various real economy services. An official from CenterPrime said, “As QuarkChain, a stable blockchain platform based on sharding, participates in the Oracle DeFi ecosystem, the expansion of the Oracle DeFi ecosystem that connects various services in the real economy to the DeFi industry is expected to accelerate. We look forward to the Oracle Perceptron as a window to a new world for users of the multitude of QuarkChain platforms.” For more information about CenterPrime, please visit the website (

SOURCE CenterPrime