DISH and IOG Form Strategic Collaboration to Leverage Blockchain Technology in Wireless


DISH (NASDAQ: DISH) and Input Output Global (IOG) announced that they have formed a strategic collaboration to explore the use of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) across its business lines. Building on the Cardano blockchain, the teams will develop a variety of applications that enable and enhance the Boost, DISH and SLING customer bases. Coming from years of experience innovating within the satellite television and broadband industries, DISH now looks to leverage DLT to enhance and optimize its ability to serve its customers.

“I see DISH as a rebel in the telco space, dating back to the early days of the company. They’ve gone through many iterations and innovations, and every step of the way they were always leading and transforming their entire industry. Today, when we look at telco, we see intersections between the use of identity and the movement of data, and as DISH unleashes its next generation network, we see tremendous opportunity to move these innovations forward together,” said Charles Hoskinson, founder and CEO of IOG.

“DISH has always been a leader in innovation within its business and industry. With this endeavor, we find ourselves at the intersection of two rapidly changing and radically transformative industries; blockchain and telecommunications. Both ecosystems somewhat depend on each other for survival and scale, while maintaining security and privacy. It’s a really exciting time in both fields, and we’re thrilled to be working with Charles, the IOG team and the Cardano community to develop great systems that many will find useful,” said Chris Ergen, head of the DISH Wireless Office of Innovation.