Utilimarc Releases Fully-Integrated Business Intelligence Platform for Enterprise Fleets


Utilimarc announces the release of a new, fully-integrated business intelligence platform – creating a cohesive, singular platform for their fleet benchmarking, analytics and lifecycle applications providing a holistic solution for enterprise fleets.

Years of research and development has led Utilimarc to bridge the gap between siloed data streams and the insights needed for smarter fleet management. Utilimarc’s platform provides its users with a single analytical environment for all their data sources empowering teams at all levels of the organization with KPI dashboards and executive reporting for each area within their fleet. The unified BI platform supports a variety of third party data integrations; such as fleet management systems, telematics, fuel cards, drive cameras and ERP software.

Utilimarc’s investment in technology and its ability to receive and analyze data provides a scalable approach to fleet management for the advent of emerging data sources such as electric vehicles and OEM telematics. Utilimarc is currently at the forefront of analyzing EV data providing customers with industry benchmarks and live data analysis empowering fleets to understand total cost of ownership for electric vehicles as well as baseline comparisons with existing fuel powered vehicles.

Our layer of technology on top of existing data sources creates analytical stability and an immediate nimbleness, for real-time feedback and decision making. Fleets need the constant updates and enhancement to their analytics database that will pivot with them rather than hold them back. Our BI platform syncs with their data sources on a minute-by-minute basis; providing real-time information that provides a picture of how their fleet is actually performing, rather than guessing,” said Chris Shaffer, Utilimarc CEO. “The way we do business has changed. The technology we deliver allows non-data scientists, from garage manager to executive-level management, to have access to eloquent data sets that they otherwise might not have had.

Utilimarc’s Business Intelligence Platform has already become the single source of truth for early adopters – like utilities and construction industry leaders Quanta, American Electric Power, Intren, and LG&E KU – receiving and optimizing data for over 70k vehicles collectively.

“Utilimarc has become an extension of our team. Their platform helps us ensure that we are getting the most value from our investments in data and empowering us to make the right decisions when it comes to managing our fleet. We’re able to coach our drivers, predict maintenance costs and drastically reduce safety incidents on the road.”-
Jeff Schneider, Manager of Transportation at LG&E KU