Eon Launches Next-Gen Version of Its Patient Management Platform


Denver-based healthtech leader Eon recently launched the most advanced version of its Essential Patient Management (EPM). Eon, known for its best-in-class lung cancer screening and incidental pulmonary nodule (IPN) solution, expanded beyond lung into additional incidental abnormality identification and management. EPM now tracks radiologic actionable findings, and identifies and manages patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) as well as abnormalities for pancreas, thyroid, and more, all within a single dashboard.

EPM is the first of its kind to use Computational Linguistics, a discipline of Artificial Intelligence (AI), that parses millions of patient radiology reports simultaneously and flags patients with single or multiple abnormalities who need additional follow-up procedures or exams. The technology does not require clinician workflow disruption and gives providers a safety net to catch patients who may be at risk for future catastrophic disease. What’s more, EPM features advanced business logic that automates administrative tasks and saves providers time by eliminating more than 90% of current manual efforts.


“We’re constantly thinking beyond today and looking for ways to enhance the solutions we bring to market,” said Christine Spraker, Co-CEO of Eon. “The more radiology scans that we can run through our models to identify patients at risk for future disease, the more patients, providers, and hospitals win. Eon EPM does what Electronic Health Records have failed to do – improve patient care, drive new revenue to hospitals, and enhance clinical workflows, a very hard won trifecta in healthcare.”

EPM is an intuitive cloud-based platform, developed by a team of physicians, clinicians, and data scientists to decrease administrative headaches, ensure patient capture, and improve outcomes. Eon EPM uses Computational Linguistics to positively identify incidentals (or findings discovered while undergoing tests for an unrelated reason) on radiology reports with up to 98.95% accuracy. Computational Linguistics is a data science discipline that interprets the linguistic structure of written English and is widely considered superior to basic Natural Language Processing (NLP).

“Because our approach is to use computational linguistics, our models achieve the highest level of accuracy on the market compared to NLP. They can interpret complex medical ontologies with extreme accuracy and precision and consistently outperform our competitors’ solutions, which often are laden with false positives and false negatives.” Spraker said.

Eon is constantly innovating and enhancing its products to arm facilities with the latest tools to help with early diagnosis and improved patient outcomes. The company is live in over 230 facilities and offers its disease-defying technology to hospitals across the country.  Eon’s dedication and drive are fueled by the positive outcomes of early identification and intervention of catastrophic disease.